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EDI Journal as the official member magazine of BDIZ EDI – European Association of Dental Implantologists – is the first and only European professional journal of its kind for clinicians with a distinct interest in dental implantology. The specific dental section of this periodical offers great varity of original work, case reports, scientific research and other articles presented by international authors, all helping to make this top-quality platform a truly international voice in oral implantology. A peer-reviewed scientific journal, EDI Journal is also a platform for product innovations, new technologies, techniques and methods. Leading dental implantologists are offered in-depth information on important ancillary themes such as European standards, quality guidelines, legal advice, questions of remuneration and professional qualifi cation and specialization. With a large number of BDIZ EDI partners throughout Europe and beyond, EDI Journal offers direct access to cutting-edge knowledge and places technical excellence and the intra-European exchange of knowledge at the centre of attention, striving towards continual advances in implant education and the creation of pan-European standards and compliance for a progressive harmonization of dental implantology in Europe.


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Editorial: The year 2023 is drawing to a close
Christian Berger, President BDIZ EDI
Dear colleagues, The good news is that COVID-19 is largely contained and the WHO does not expect any pandemic outbreaks this winter. However, we should be aware that we will continue to have to live with mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus—just like with the flu virus. The bad news is that the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) continues to be a source of confusion, incomprehension and, dare I say, incompetence on the part of the regulators...
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Partner Organizations of BDIZ EDI
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Innovative and traditional—19th BDIZ EDI Expert Symposium, Cologne
The BDIZ EDI Expert Symposium will take place for the 19th time on Sunday, 11 February 2024, marking the start of the association’s training year. Its scientific director, Prof. Joachim E. Zöller, has condensed the implantology topics of tomorrow into a one-day symposium, which traditionally takes place on the last weekend of the Cologne Carnival.
The Top Five of recent years
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Programme of the 19th Expert Symposium
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An inspiring journey under the palm trees—32nd Expert Symposium on Fuerteventura
Dr Adina Landschoof, Geretsried, Bavaria, Germany
Fuerteventura, the sun-drenched island in the Canary Islands, became the meeting place for leading minds in dentistry from 27 October to 3 November 2023. The 32nd Expert Symposium turned out to be more than ”just” a scientific platform—it was an eventful interplay of specialist knowledge, interdisciplinary exchange and a touch of holiday feeling under the palm trees.
Our new outfit—BDIZ EDI has an updated CI
Anita Wuttke
In mid-2023, the BDIZ EDI set out to modernise its logo, which has been around for more than 30 years. Read this article to find out how we went about it.
A foray into dentistry—The BDIZ EDI at the 64th Bavarian Dentists’ Congress
State-of-the-art and clinically relevant dentistry and the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues—these are the hallmarks of the Bavarian Dentists’ Congress (19–21 October 2023). The 64th edition certainly lived up to the highest expectations. More than 1,000 delegates experienced an exciting weekend of continuing education.
Are you certified yet? “Focus of Professional Activities: Oral Implantology”
In Germany, a formal “Focus of Professional Activities” (FPA) is an official designation and an indication of a narrower area of specialisation of a professional—in our case, a dentist. The BDIZ EDI was instrumental in obtaining a ruling from the Federal Constitutional Court in 2001, to establish the “Focus of Professional Activities: Oral Implantology” (Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantologie) as a legally permissibledesignation on practice nameplates or other information material aimed at the general public. This article outlines the requirements for an FPA: Oral Implantology.
Innovative and traditional—19th BDIZ EDI Expert Symposium, Cologne
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BDIZ EDI on social media—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Anita Wuttke
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the most popular social networking channels. BDIZ EDI uses these platforms to keep its own members and the members of partner associations, as well as all users interested in oral implantology, informed.
We want YOU! BDIZ EDI and its multifaceted work
Anita Wuttke
BDIZ EDI has launched its “We want you” information campaign. The aim is to interest young dentists from Germany and Europe in oral implantology and in the work of BDIZ EDI.
Bigger, nicer, more useful—New BDIZ EDI implant pass
Anita Wuttke
The BDIZ EDI has updated its implant pass. Now was a good time, coincident with the launch of the updated BDIZ EDI logo. The size of the implant pass has not changed—it still fits in any wallet. But thanks to a clever folding technique, it now covers a lot more ground.
Obituary Gerhard Stachulla
Dr Friedemann Petschelt, for the BDIZ EDI
The internationally renowned and widely respected master dental technician passed away on 8 November 2023 at the age of almost 71. He died peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones, with many wishes still on his mind— but simply too soon...
Osstem Europe s.r.o
How much medicine does dentistry need? Interview with Markus Tröltzsch and Matthias Tröltzsch, maxillofacial surgeons in Ansbach, Germany
Interview with Markus Tröltzsch and Matthias Tröltzsch
Medicine and dentistry must be more closely meshed—say two young oral and maxillofacial surgeons from Ansbach, Germany. Not enough general medical knowledge is present in our dental practices today—and conversely, general practitioners and medical specialists know too little about dental medicine. Dr Dr Markus Tröltzsch and PD Dr Dr Matthias Tröltzsch are two of the three authors of a reference volume entitled Medizin in der täglichen zahnärztlichen Praxis (“Medicine in Daily Dental Practice”). In a number of free-standing chapters, their book presents fundamental facts about cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, bisphosphonates and oncological topics. By popular demand we again include this interview for the second time in EDI Journal.
Getting involved—Portrait: BDIZ EDI—European Association of Dental Implantologists
Anita Wuttke
BDIZ, the German Association of Implant Dentists, was founded in 1989 to lend a strong voice to dentists in private practice active within the field of implant dentistry in their efforts to negotiate reasonable individual fees for private dental treatments. As early as 2002, the Association changed its name—and focus—to become BDIZ EDI, where EDI stands for “European Association of Dental Implantologists”.
Qualification forexperienced implantologists—Certification as an EDA Expert in Implantology
Anita Wuttke
For many years, BDIZ EDI has been catering to experienced and well-versed oral implantologists by offering the certification exam for EDA Expert in Implantology. Jointly with the European Dental Association (EDA), BDIZ EDI regularly invites interested dentists to take the certification exam, which we would like to present in this article.
Implant maintenance is a team effort—Implant care instructions brochure for patients
Anita Wuttke
The European Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ EDI) has published an English edition of its implant maintenance brochure. In easy-to-understand language, the brochure entitled “Implants—Long-lasting implants for long-lasting beauty” offers well-illustrated instructions and general information about oral health.
Call for speedy revalidation of medical devices—Council of European Dentists
The General Meeting of the Council of European Dentists (CED) was held in Brussels, Belgium in November 2023. One of the issues addressed by this umbrella association of dental associations of the EU member states was the recognition of dental qualifications acquired in third countries.
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Free disclosure of medical records—European Court of Justice undermines German Law
Moritz Wagner, Researchassistant Ratajczak & Partner mbB
In his decision (C-307/22) dated 26 October 2023, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), following a referral from the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH), has ruled that a patient is entitled to the free (!) disclosure of a copy of their medical records. This has thus far been foreign to German law, as the German legislator, in section 630g (2) sentence 2 of the Civil Code (BGB), stipulates that the patient is obliged to reimburse the person providing treatment for the costs incurred in this regard.
17th European Symposium on the Dalmatian coast—Congress in Split, 11 May 2024
Christian Berger, President, BDIZ EDI
The European Symposium of the BDIZ EDI will be held in Croatia, in the beautiful Mediterranean setting of Split on the Dalmatian coast. The BDIZ EDI will once again hold its 17th European Symposium in Croatia on the Dalmatian Mediterranean coast. The congress will be held on Saturday, 11 May 2024, at the new Ambassador Hotel in Split, right by the harbour.
Did you ever know…
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Oemus Media AG: ceramic implants is online!
Immediate ceramic implant with immediate provisionalisation and connective tissue graft
de Oliveira Silva3, Mayla Kezy Silva Teixeira1, Daniel de Moraes Telles1, Eduardo José Veras Lourenço1, Brasil
This case report aimed to describe the step-by-step oral rehabilitation using immediate implant with immediate provisionalisation using ceramic implants and connective tissue grafts and its clinical and radiographic performance after a 12-month follow-up period in the aesthetic area (lateral upper incisor).
Dentist’s services and chairside “laboratory” services in guided implant placement—Surgical guides
Jörg Neugebauer1,4,5, Kerstin Salhoff2, Steffen Kistler1, Frank Kistler1, Günter Dhom3,4, Germany
As cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) becomes more ubiquitous, indications for the technique of guided implant placement are becoming more common.
Clinical evolution over 25 years
Eduardo Anitua DDS, MD, PhD1,2,3
Conservative approach in a patient with advanced periodontitis maintaining key teeth such as central incisors with poor prognosis at the beginning of the case...
Predictable implant planning and placement—A fully guided digital workflow
Dr Beat R. Kurt, Switzerland
A 62-year-old male patient was referred to my practice for im- plant planning and treatment in the maxillary anterior region. The teeth in the maxillary anterior region had all undergone endodontic therapy, and teeth #11–22 had received crowns owing to an accident that had occurred 30 years before. The patient reported pain and was conscious that tooth #21 was mo- bile (Figs. 1a & b).
Consensus-based clinical recommendations
At its 7th ITI Consensus Conference, the ITI gathered together more than 90 professionals from all over the world to review the current state of evidence in five areas of topical interest in implant dentistry: surgical techniques, technology, oral medicine, patient benefits as well as implant placement and loading protocols. Based on 13 previously submitted review papers, the participants of the three-day conference prepared consensus statements, clinical recommendations, and recommendations for future research in the following five areas: ...
Oemus Media AG: ZWP online
Implant dentistry without peri-implantitis—Long-term study
Interview with Marco Waldner, CEO of Zircon Medical | Patent Dental Implant System
No peri-implantitis after nine years—in a recent independent long-term study, the two-piece Patent Dental Implant System has challenged established definitions of implant success.1 In this interview, Marco Waldner, founder and CEO of Zircon Medical, the manufacturer of Patent, discusses the study results and the importance of thinking long term in implant dentistry.
A view to the future of contaminant-free dental implants—Global Ambassadors’ Summit 2023 in Berlin
The CleanImplant Foundation, a non-profit global initiative for a scientific-based view on the implant market representing numerous dentists as members and more than 150,000 social media followers, invited its international scientific board members and CleanImplant ambassadors to Berlin. Twenty-seven highly esteemed professionals from 15 countries, all experts in the field of implantology, met for the third Ambassadors’ Summit at the Adlon Hotel to lend their experience and expertise to the furtherance of the organisation’s goals and ideals to raise awareness for the need of flawless implant surfaces for a cleaner and safer implantology.
NucleOSS Congress in Antalya—A triumph of innovation and collaboration in dental implantology
The NucleOSS Congress in Antalya opened with a poignant and touching introduction by CEO Salih Şanlı, a moment marked by great pride and gratitude. In front of a captivated audience of 3,000 participants, Salih Şanlı spoke about the challenges he has faced throughout the company’s history and expressed himself very emotionally. In his stirring speech, he not only acknowledged the hurdles he had overcome, but also expressed his deep gratitude for the unwavering support of his family, friends and the dedicated team and employees who had contributed to NucleOSS’ remarkable successes.
Advancing dentistry—OSSTEM Implant’s global symposiums in 2024
Prepare for a transformative experience in the realm of dentistry as Osstem Implant Co., Ltd. sets the stage for two pivotal events in 2024—the Osstem World Meeting (OWM) and the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe (OHME). These gatherings are not merely symposiums; they represent a unique convergence of expertise, innovation, and global collaboration, tailored for dental professionals across the spectrum.
Osstem Implant
Implant Solutions World Summit 2024 in Miami—Cutting-edge solutions to drive innovation in implant dentistry
Following the resounding success of this year’s conference in Athens, Greece, the Implant Solutions World Summit 2024 taking place from 13 to 15 June, 2024, in Miami, Florida, United States promises to be a remarkable opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and building collaborations within the community of implant dentistry professionals.
Bringing new end-to-end digital workfl ows to dental practitioners—DEXIS IOS Solutions expands its portfolio
DEXIS IOS Solutions is pleased to announce the expansion of its portfolio and ecosystem through new digital end-to-end workflows. The new and enhanced workflows are designed to align with the objective of DEXIS IOS Solutions to support dental practitioners in accelerating their workflow, resulting in increased productivity and improved patient experience. To reinforce this objective, DEXIS IOS Solutions is focused on three crucial principles: ease of use, productivity and practice expansion. Practitioners can now easily expand their range of services through aligner and denture treatments as well as inhouse printing, offering their patients personalised and innovative car
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Ceramic Healing Abutments: the fi rst step to harmonious soft-tissue healing
These healing abutments for Straumann bone level implants enable aesthetics from the day of surgery and offer favourable conditions for soft-tissue attachment, thereby supporting a healthy peri-implant environ- ment. Their well-proven zirconia material helps surgeons and prosthodontists who are looking for less plaque attachment (smoother surface compared to titanium) and they support soft-tissue healing from the day of surgery. In general, more favour- able soft-tissue attachment around zirconia than around titanium can be observed, with blood circulation similar to that around a natural tooth, as well as a more mature and pronounced soft-tissue integration. This comes with an ease of use entailing aspiration security thanks to the integrated screw and a colour-coding to clearly identify the corresponding prosthetic platform...
EDI Journal – Information for authors
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