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EDI Journal as the official member magazine of BDIZ EDI – European Association of Dental Implantologists – is the first and only European professional journal of its kind for clinicians with a distinct interest in dental implantology. The specific dental section of this periodical offers great varity of original work, case reports, scientific research and other articles presented by international authors, all helping to make this top-quality platform a truly international voice in oral implantology. A peer-reviewed scientific journal, EDI Journal is also a platform for product innovations, new technologies, techniques and methods. Leading dental implantologists are offered in-depth information on important ancillary themes such as European standards, quality guidelines, legal advice, questions of remuneration and professional qualifi cation and specialization. With a large number of BDIZ EDI partners throughout Europe and beyond, EDI Journal offers direct access to cutting-edge knowledge and places technical excellence and the intra-European exchange of knowledge at the centre of attention, striving towards continual advances in implant education and the creation of pan-European standards and compliance for a progressive harmonization of dental implantology in Europe.


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Straumann Group Deutschland
Editorial: CE transcends borders
Anita Wuttke, Editor-in-Chief
Continuing dental education in face-to-face settings is finally picking up steam again. Still, we are nowhere near where the dental world had been before the Corona pandemic. Thus, although this year participants flocked to EuroPerio in Copenhagen and EAO in Geneva, European CE enthusiasts never had to travel very far. The FDI World Dental Association also preferred to stay at its home in Geneva rather than hosting the political and organisational segments and the associated professional congress in Mumbai (India), as originally planned...
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CAMLOG Biotechnologies GmbH
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An association with sound prospects—BDIZ EDI General Meeting in Frankfurt am Main
Anita Wuttke, Editor-in-Chief
With every crisis comes opportunity - and BDIZ EDI has made good use of this opportunity during the covid-19 pandemic. Its online seminars reach all members and other interested dentists and dental teams, quickly and uncomplicatedly. In this third year of the pandemic, our BDIZ EDI informs online series demonstrates the flexible associations flexible reaction to new laws and regulations.
Update on short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants—18th Expert Symposium in Cologne in February 2023
Anita Wuttke, Editor-in-Chief
The 18th Expert Symposium will be held in Cologne on Sunday, 19 February 2023. It will examine the state of the art for short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants. The BDIZ EDI last addressed this topic in 2016, now, new findings will be the focus of the one-day symposium.
Seminar offers
There is a great demand for information on advanced dental topics in continuing professional development. European and international members and other interested parties can choose from several BDIZ EDI online seminars. For members of associated partner organisation, the seminars are free of charge. Just tick the topic you would like to be presented online.
Dentaurum Implants GmbH
Congratulations to the Curriculum graduates! 23rd Curriculum Implantology is now completed
The 23rd Curriculum Implantology, jointly arranged by BDIZ EDI and the University of Cologne, is now completed, following the conclusion of the final exams. The participants had completed eight modules on oral implantology over a period of one year.
24th Curriculum Implantology—Curriculum Implantology programme
The BDIZ EDI Curriculum Implantology is a must for beginners-but not only. BDIZ EDI offers profound basic training in oral implantology in cooperation with the University of Cologne, which stands out for the great emphasis it places on hands-on exercises. Due to the pandemic, training units will be held as online events as the flow and content of the Curriculum permit. The sophisticated hygiene concept and social-distancing rules practised by the University of Cologne, with participants divided into small groups in terms of time and space, aim to ensure health and safety during classroom events.
Appeal to patients: Start your perio treatment this year—Planned budget constraints for dental services jeopardises patient treatment
Anita Wuttke, Editor-in-Chief
BDIZ EDI strongly encourages patients in Germany to start their periodontal treatment this year - because next year, the approved funds for the systematic treatment of periodontitis and other periodontal diseases could already be withdrawn.
Osstem Europe s.r.o.
Coming home to Geneva—FDI World Dental Parliament
Anita Wuttke, Editor-in-Chief
The 2022 FDI World Dental Parliament returned to Geneva (Switzerland) from 19 to 24 September 2022, welcoming more than 400 delegates from 74 countries under one roof. An integral aspect of FDI, the event allowed for major decisions to be taken by voting members of the General Assembly (GA) as well as the Council. This years FDI World Dental Federation Parliament was held face-to-face - for the first time since 2019 but still without the Big One multi-day event complete with GA and Committee meetings.
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CleanImplant Foundation CIF GmbH
Sustainable Dentistry toolkit - FDI World Dental Federation introduces
Dental practices can use the tools of this toolkit as a guide to make their work more sustainable. They can also use it to track their progress and receive awards for their efforts.
Introducing Professor Katalin Nagy—FDI Education Committee
Professor Katalin Nagy, Szeged/Hungary, has been elected for the Education Committee of FDI. Shes active member of the European Consensus Conference under the auspices of BDIZ EDI. What does she expect from her new assignment?
President’s perspective—Freddie Sloth-Lisbjerg takes the stand
For the 2021 annual report of the Council of European Dentists (CED), Dr Freddie Sloth-Lisbjerg, Denmark, took his stand about the coming three years of his presidency.
FDI European Regional Organization (ERO)—Focus on dental chains
Anita Wuttke, Editor-in-Chief
Led by Dr Simona Dianiskova (Slovakia), the ERO meeting of the European delegates of the World Dental Federation (FDI) took place in Geneva. The meeting had been called to define the positions of the European dental associations and organisations within the World Parliament of the FDI.
Dentistry is dentistry—inside or outside the Armed Forces
Dr Helfried Bieber, chief dentist of the German Armed Forces, has retired from the armed forces after an extensive career in the military. He had maintained intensive contacts with German dental organizations, a career crowned in 2019 by his leadership of the Section of Defence Forces Dental Services (SDFDS). The FDI General Assembly in Geneva in September was among his last official acts. In this interview, Germanys top military dentist speaks about his tasks, achievements and goals.
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100 years of IDS: Many key players have registered High number of exhibitors
IDS, the International Dental Show in Cologne is demonstrating all of its strengths. At the coming event from 14 to 18 March 2023, almost all of the relevant key players have already confirmed their participation. In total, IDS is currently recording well over 1,000 exhibitors as well as 11 country participations with over 400 companies represented.
Minimally invasive trends in endodontology—IDS is coming up in March 2023
There is a trend towards minimally invasive methods in the field of endodontics and even towards regenerative measures. The International Dental Show (IDS) that is being staged in Cologne from 14 to 18 March 2023 shows what is possible today and in the near future.
Combating corruption vs protecting personal data—Judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ)
Data protection is known to be in constant latent conflict with other public interests. In a recent ruling, the ECJ addressed the extent to which the two areas of anti-corruption and data protection can be reconciled and which pertinent considerations must be balanced. In addition, the Court laid out the conditions under which Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to the indirect disclosure of sensitive data.
Qualification forexperienced implantologists—Certification as an EDA Expert in Implantology
Anita Wuttke, Editor-in-Chief
For many years, BDIZ EDI has been catering to experienced and well-versed oral implantologists by offering the certification exam for EDA Expert in Implantology. Jointly with the European Dental Association (EDA), BDIZ EDI regularly invites interested dentists to take the certification exam, which we would like to present in this article.
BDIZ EDI - Bundesverband der implantologisch tätigen Zahnärzte in Europa
Digital support for simulating bite alterations in the periodontally compromised dentition
Prof. Dr Jörg Neugebauer, Dr Steffen Kistler. Dr Ingo Frank, Dr Jacqueline Meier, MTD Siegfried Weiß, Dr Frank Kistler and Prof. Dr Günter Dhom, Germany
Achieving stable long-term results with implant-supported restorations in patients with periodontally compromised teeth can be challenging in many respects. Patient acceptance is of vital importance for keeping the patient compliant and motivated. Issues to resolve include the best way to preserve existing tooth structures, the right timing for implant placement, the most suitable healing mode and the choice of restoration type. Meeting the patients desire for optimum function and aesthetics after tooth removal is never an easy task for the dental and laboratory teams - especially in patients with periodontal disease or misaligned teeth. The anticipated prosthetic result is usually simulated with the help of a mock-up. An initial step can be a visual simulation using digital technology. If this visualisation is not enough to arrive at a treatment decision, CAD/CAM technology can translate a digital design into a mock-up that additionally facilitates functional testing.
Giornate Veronesi – Implantologie & Allgemeine Zahnheilkunde
Treatment of a case of atrophicerosive lichen planus refractory to topical corticosteroid with endoret- PRGF and rehabilitation with dental implants
Eduardo Anitua DDS, MD, PhD, Spain
Treatment of a case of atrophic- erosive lichen planus refractory to topical corticosteroid with endoret- PRGF and rehabilitation with dental implants Eduardo Anitua DDS, MD, PhD, Spain Figs. 1–6: Clinical images of the patient upon arrival at the clinic, showing different areas with high involvement of the OLP with deep ulcerations that prevent the patient from maintaining conventional hygiene. 1 3 5 2 4 6 Introduction Oral lichen planus is a chronic inflammatory mucocutaneous disease that generally affects the skin and oral mucosa.1,2 It was first described by Erasmus Wilson in 1869 and is the most fre- quent non-infectious pathology of the oral cavity with a reported prevalence of 2% of the adult population.3,4 It is more frequent in adults and its etiology remains unknown, although its patho- genesis involves autoimmune phenomena mediated by CD8+ lymphocytes, mainly epithelial, which trigger a series of events that lead to necrosis of the basal keratinocytes, mainly through tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha).8,9 Finally, this condition of the basal keratinocytes generates hyperkeratosis (with orthokeratosis or parakeratosis) and/or epithelial atrophy.3-12 ...
Horizontal bone augmentation by means of preshaped titanium mesh— a five-year follow-up
Drs Leonardo Muzzi, Roberto Montauti & Elisa Romanelli, Italy
Regenerative therapy in implantology (guided bone regeneration) represents a procedure of daily use for the reconstruction of peri-implant hard tissues both contextually and pre-implantation. The reconstruction of the bone volumes represented a clinical and biological challenge to re-establish both the correct intermaxillary relationships altered by severe bone atrophies, and the restoration of tissue volumes capable of guaranteeing a better aesthetic result of the prosthetic implant rehabilitation. The use of autologous bone grafts for the reconstruction of large lost bone volumes has been considered the gold standard since the 1990s.1...
Immediate implant restoration with partial extraction therapy using an implant with a new internal conicalparallel connection
Dr Giovanni Ghirlanda, Italy
The maintenance of adequate and stable level of bone all around the implant is one of the key factors influencing the long-term success of implant therapy. In the past, a moderate degree of marginal bone loss (MBL) has been evaluated as acceptable among the criteria stated to define the long-term implant success rate. At the beginning of the era of Osseointegration, Albrektsson et al. considered the bone loss of 0.1 mm per year around the implant negligible and classified such cases as successful.1...
Immediate placement of titanium implants with a zirconia neck in the aesthetic zone
Drs Simone Marconcini , Enrica Giammarinaro, Giovanni-Battista Menchini Fabris & Ugo Covani, Italy
In the case of single edentulism, the use of dental implants is a wise treatment choice, as under the same anatomical conditions, it safeguards the adjacent teeth.1–3 A single implant is also a costeffective option in comparison with a traditional three-unit fixed dental prosthesis.4 Furthermore, implant dentistry has progressed towards simplifying clinical protocols and reducing surgical entries, having immediate implant placement and immediate implant provisionalisation as treatment options.5, 6...
Driven by science, not trends
Janine Conzato, Germany
The innovative company Thommen Medical has been dedicated to a single goal since the beginning: To produce the best possible dental implant system. They consistently rely on Swiss precision in manufacturing, rigorous quality controls and close collaboration with the best experts in dental medicine worldwide. This results in a unique dental implant system that combines Swiss quality, simplicity and an innovative design, based on over 35 years of clinical experience.
2022 EAO congress celebrates comeback in new hybrid format
A review report by Janine Conzato, Germany
For the last two years, the annual scientific meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) could only take place virtually owing to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. From 29 September to 1 October, the 29th EAO congress took place this year as a hybrid format for the first time in its history, consisting of a face-to-face event held at Palexpo exhibition and con- gress centre in Geneva and a virtual evening programme - much like the EAO Digital Days in the last two years. A rich programme with numerous educational and networking opportunities awaited over 2,200 participants...
Customised PEEK healing caps and impression posts: revolutionising the workflow in implant treatment
Today, the question is not whether dental implants are osseointegrated, but the where and the how we can optimise the ecosystem to incrementally improve patient outcomes. Preserving the structure of the peri-implant tissue, increasing patient comfort, reducing morbidity, and shortening treatment times are all examples of hot topics within state-of-the-art research and development. Camlog has established a new workflow in implant therapy with its DEDICAM services using customised anti-rotation PEEK healing caps and PEEK impression posts based on patient-specific emergence profiles, all produced from a single data set obtained during the CAD/CAM process.
Healing abutment and scan body in one: Scan Healing Abutment
Osstem Implant introduces its first TS Scan Healing Abutment for the European market.
Your implant choice matters
In 2017, the CleanImplant Foundation, in conjunction with a cohort of world-renowned scientists, published the first consensus paper to establish a limit on the amount of particulate organic and metal residue from manufacturing and packaging to define a quality assurance standard of cleanliness for dental implants. Based in Berlin, Germany, this non-profit organisation is dedicated to ensuring implant surfaces are contaminant free, as medical devices in contact with sterile body tissues are considered critical items...
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Finding the right time for implant loading
Today, the trend in implant dentistry is to have a short or no healing period at all before loading the implant. If conditions are not optimal, poor primary stability may increase the risk of implant failure. The Osseo 100 measures implant stability and osseointegration to provide sufficient information to decide when to load an implant. This is particularly important when working with shorter treatment time or managing risk patient...
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