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EDI Journal as the official member magazine of BDIZ EDI – European Association of Dental Implantologists – is the first and only European professional journal of its kind for clinicians with a distinct interest in dental implantology. The specific dental section of this periodical offers great varity of original work, case reports, scientific research and other articles presented by international authors, all helping to make this top-quality platform a truly international voice in oral implantology. A peer-reviewed scientific journal, EDI Journal is also a platform for product innovations, new technologies, techniques and methods. Leading dental implantologists are offered in-depth information on important ancillary themes such as European standards, quality guidelines, legal advice, questions of remuneration and professional qualifi cation and specialization. With a large number of BDIZ EDI partners throughout Europe and beyond, EDI Journal offers direct access to cutting-edge knowledge and places technical excellence and the intra-European exchange of knowledge at the centre of attention, striving towards continual advances in implant education and the creation of pan-European standards and compliance for a progressive harmonization of dental implantology in Europe.


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Editorial: Moving forward with BDIZ EDI in 2023
Christian Berger, President BDIZ EDI
The year 2022 was remarkable in many ways—although, to tell the truth, not always in a positive sense. The various flavours of SARS-CoV-2 were keeping us on our toes. COVID-19 is no longer able to spread terror the way it did in 2020 and 2021, so the worst may actually be behind us, but we are not nearly back where we were before COVID-19; we will have to live with SARS-CoV-2 and its mutants...
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Partner Organizations of BDIZ EDI
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“We need more security!” Assembly of the German Dental Association calls for more support for the outpatient sector
The Assembly of the German Dental Association (Bundeszahnärztekammer, BZÄK) congregated in Munich on 4 and 5 November 2022. In his welcoming address, Klaus Holetschek, the Bavarian Minister of State for Health and Care, thanked the dental profession for its continuing commitment, not least during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also referred to the ongoing crises, including the energy crisis and high inflation, which also drove the costs of dental practices.
18th Expert Symposium in Cologne in February 2023—Update on short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants
The 18th Expert Symposium will be held in Cologne on Sunday, 19 February 2023. It will examine the state-of-the-art for short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants. The BDIZ EDI last addressed this topic in 2016; now, new findings will be the focus of the one-day symposium.
German Society of Dentistry and Oral Medicine (DGZMK) with new leadership—Prof. Jörg Wiltfang and Prof. Peter Proff at the helm
Prof. Jörg Wiltfang (University of Kiel) has taken over as President of the German Society of Dentistry and Oral Medicine (DGZMK). He succeeds Prof. Roland Frankenberger (University of Marburg), whose regular term ended with the online congress entitled “Critically scrutinized: Ethics – Biology – Sports”.
Straumann AG
BDIZ EDI goes Munich—BDIZ EDI offi ce in Munich as of 2023
Anita Wuttke
In future, BDIZ EDI will concentrate its administrative work at the Munich office, where BDIZ EDI President Christian Berger and press officer Anita Wuttke have been working since 2006. Following the retirement of Brigitte Nötzel, the BDIZ EDI board is pulling up stakes in Cologne. The Munich office will take over the association administrative functions starting in 2023.
BDZI EDI relies on continuity—The BDIZ EDI office is moving
Anita Wuttke
The board of BDIZ EDI stoodOfficiasitw audam, omni aut aut quiat at maxim volupid qui andis eumquam ipsa nonseque vit ant. Mi, simusdam, omnimin iscipictur alitaqui quiatissed quas eos dolut dolest, comnimporum ni comniet ommo id quis ellectum eum volupta spiciis eaquiae iunt, aut ea dictatis que neserum rererum expellu ptaecta sitiuntem quoditatur, sedit voloratem fugia cus eatur accum rernatur sam esequia voluptassero et plaborestrum fuga.
Osstem Europe s.r.o
High number of exhibitors—100 years of IDS: Many key players have registered
IDS, the International Dental Show in Cologne is demonstrating all of its strengths: At the coming event from 14 to 18 March 2023, almost all of the relevant key players have already confirmed their participation. In total, IDS is currently recording well over 1,000 exhibitors as well as 11 country participations with over 400 companies represented.
Meeting Point Implantology 2023—BDIZ EDI shows its colours at the 40th IDS in Cologne
Anita Wuttke
Anyone wanting to meet the “movers and shakers” behind our work or get their hands on our new publications should visit the BDIZ EDI booth at IDS 2023, Hall 11.2, aisle O, booth 069, from 14 to 18 March 2023. As tradition dictates, the BDIZ EDI booth will once again located opposite the German Dental Association.
On the road with BDIZ EDI—Bavarian Dentists’ Congress and id infotage dental in Munich and Frankfurt
Anita Wuttke
BDIZ EDI was represented with its own booths in the exhibition areas of the 63rd Bavarian Dentists’ Congress and at id infotage dental in Munich and Frankfurt. At the latter event, BDIZ EDI billing expert Kerstin Salhoff held one-hour presentations every day on the Electronic Application and Approval Process (EBZ). BDIZ EDI President Christian Berger opened the Bavarian Dentists’ Congress with its ap- proximately 1,200 participants in his capacity of President of the Bavarian Chamber of Dentists; he also served as the main host. Here, too, BDIZ EDI was represented with a booth and with the board members; Dr Stefan Liepe and Dr Wolfgang Neumann served as hosts of the scientific programme.
BDIZ EDI informs—2023: Online training courses next year
BDIZ EDI kicks off the year 2023 with its online training webinars. Our programme continues to be as varied as ever! In addition to implantological training aspects, practitioners and practice teams will gain a lot of new and updated knowledge—about billing, legal issues, tax issues and, of course, new laws and regulations.
Did you ever know…
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Giornate Veronesi – Implantologie und moderne Zahnheilkunde im Juni 2023 in Valpolicella/ Italien
White paper on workforce challenges—Results of the CED meeting 2022
European dentists offer solutions to workforce challenges, warn against threats to the supply of dental medical devices in the EU, call for an immediate update of the Professional Qualifications Directive and oppose the so-called simplified recognition procedures of non-EU dental qualifications.
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No headscarf in the workplace? Recent ECJ decision—differences in treatment and freedom to conduct a business
An internal company rule prohibiting the wearing of visible signs of religious, philosophical or political beliefs does not constitute direct discrimination if it is applied in a general and undifferentiated way to all employees. This is the synopsis of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) judgement dated 13 October 2022.
Qualification forexperienced implantologists—Certification as an EDA Expert in Implantology
Anita Wuttke
For many years, BDIZ EDI has been catering to experienced and well-versed oral implantologists by offering the certification exam for EDA Expert in Implantology. Jointly with the European Dental Association (EDA), BDIZ EDI regularly invites interested dentists to take the certification exam, which we would like to present in this article.
Record attendance on Fuerteventura—31st International Expert Symposium for Regenerative Procedures in Dentistry
The well over 300 participants who had come to Fuerteventura this year witnessed a firework display of innovations: a record number of participants, a record number of exhibitors and more presenters than ever before.
Looking back: 15th European Symposium in Karlovy Vary—
Anita Wuttke
BDIZ EDI was one of the cooperating partners of the Czech-Bavarian-Saxon-Austrian dental symposium, which took place in Karlovy Vary (Czechia) in May 2022. Prof. Joachim E. Zöller, Vice President BDIZ EDI, represented the association as a presenter.
Implantology and modern dentistry—16th European Symposium of BDIZ EDI and Giornate Veronesi
Oral implantology and modern dentistry will be on the agenda in Valpolicella (Italy) on 16 and 17 June 2023. In cooperation with the 16th European Symposium of BDIZ EDI, the Giornate Veronesi—under the Italian sun, so to speak—will offer top-class scientific lectures, seminars and table clinics as well as a comprehensive supporting programme.
curasan AG
New crestal bone formation thanks to a microstructured back-taper concept
Prof. Dr Jörg Neugebauer, Dr Steffen Kistler, Dr Ingo Frank, Dr Jacqueline Meier, MDT Siegfried Weiß, Dr Frank Kistler & Prof. Günter Dhom, Germany
Implant design is constantly evolving to optimise success rates and to minimise risks. However, not all new developments provide only extra benefits; some changes to implant systems may also have unfavourable effects. Achieving a long-term stable and risk-free peri-implant hard- and soft-tissue situation must therefore build on different factors in symbiosis, especially in the transitional region from bone to soft tissue.
Use of hyaluronic acid in reconstructive periodontal surgery
Prof. Dr med. dent. Dr h.c. mult. Anton Sculean, MS
Reconstructive periodontal therapy encompasses all treatment methods that facilitate the predictable regeneration of tooth-bearing structures (i.e. the root cementum, the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone). Recent results from preclinical and clinical studies have indicated that the auxiliary application of hyaluronic acid in periodontal surgery has a beneficial influence on wound healing and promotes the regeneration of periodontal structures. This article briefly summarises the most important findings on the use of hyaluronic acid in reconstructive periodontal surgery.
ZWP online
Severe bone atrophy of the maxilla and mandible—Restoration using minimally invasive techniques
Dr Eduardo Anitua, Spain
Nowadays, dental implants are a highly predictable technique for the restoration of vertical and horizontal bone atrophies, both complex and simple, and for the replacement of single or multiple teeth, whether to support, crowns, bridges or complete den- tures.1–3 Thanks to the advances in the development of implants, versatile solutions can be found to address the various clinical situations that may arise, which can then be managed with great efficiency and with fewer complicated operations and less morbidity.4,5 This means that an increasing number of patients can benefit from this type of treatment, and indeed the number of patients with dental implants continues to grow every day...
ceramic implants (engl.)
Snake technique in the treatment of posterior peri-implant soft-tissue defectsDr Cosmin Dima & Iulia Florea, Romania
Dr Cosmin Dima & Iulia Florea, Romania
Soft-tissue peri-implant defects (papillary loss, decrease of mucosal volume, gingival recession, dehiscence, alteration of the ridge colour) are common complications of implant treatment and affect the final aesthetic result and implant stability in the long term.1, 2 Many factors can influence the onset of peri-implant soft-tissue defects. Facial bone loss and thin biotype promote peri-implant recession,3 and a soft-tissue thickness of less than 2 mm promotes peri-implant marginal bone loss.4, 5 The conse- quences are exposure of the implant and modification of the abutment–crown ratio...
Severe bone atrophy of the maxilla and mandible
Interview with Pamela K. McClain and Istvan Urban
The International Osteology Symposium is the annual highlight of oral regeneration and will be held in Barcelona from 27 to 29 April 2023. The unparalleled programme consisting of 80 lectures and numerous workshops, features the world leading experts in the field of hard and soft tissue management. Participants can expect three days of intense continuous education where evidence-based knowledge is the currency.
Dentsply Sirona World 2023 is coming to Dubai
Dentsply Sirona World takes place for the first time in the Middle East at the world-renowned Atlantis Hotel – The Palm, in Dubai. Nestled between the calm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf and the incredible skyline of Dubai, the Atlantis is the perfect location for this 2-day celebration of dentistry that combines superb dental education, innovation, and networking opportunities...
Planmeca donates five mobile dental clinics to Ukraine
Planmeca, one of the world’s leading dental technology manufacturers, is donating five mobile dental clinics to Ukraine to help provide dental care in the war-torn country. Each mobile clinic is fully furnished and includes a digital Planmeca dental unit, an autoclave and all other necessary devices and instruments needed to provide basic dental services...
Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe— “Together has no limits”
Today, the digital revolution is rapidly changing dentistry. Prof. Marco Tallarico is dedicated to the latest innovation in digital guided surgery enabling the current dentistry to overcome limitations of the conventional treatments. In the following interview he talks about the latest trends in implantology, research, and his experiences at the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe.
NSK Finding the right time for implant loading
Today, the trend in implant dentistry is to have a short or no healing period at all before loading the implant. If conditions are not optimal, poor primary stability may increase the risk of implant failure. The Osseo 100 measures implant stability and osseointegration to provide sufficient information to decide when to load an implant. This is particularly important when working with shorter treatment time or managing risk patients.
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Your implant choice matters
Dr Dirk U. Duddeck
In 2017, the CleanImplant Foundation, in conjunction with a cohort of world-renowned scientists, published the first consen- sus paper to establish a limit on the amount of particulate or- ganic and metal residue from manufacturing and packaging to define a quality assurance standard of cleanliness for dental implants. Based in Berlin, Germany, this non-profit organisation is dedicated to ensuring implant surfaces are contaminant free, as medical devices in contact with sterile body tissues are con- sidered critical items...
More room for more bone formation—BioHorizons Camlog product report
Branislav Kostadinov
The correct choice of biomaterials is crucial to achieve optimal clinical results—in functional, structural and aesthetic terms. The aim of any tissue regeneration technique, and bone grafting in particular, is to achieve formation of living and reactive tissue. This should be able to regenerate itself such that the mechanical and biological function is maintained sustainably...
Simultaneous implantation and augmentation of a buccal bone defect with biologised bone substitute material
Dr Haki Tekyatan, Germany
In implant dentistry, we need sufficient bone and soft tissue for long-term and prognostically safe stability. This is a good prerequisite for long-term success in order to achieve secure stabil- ity of the implant and the surrounding peri-implant soft tissue. Buccal defects are often found in our practice and are frequently caused by physiological remodelling processes after tooth extraction. These remodelling processes after tooth loss are scien- tifically very well studied and proved. Especially the loss and degradation of the bundle bone results in a wide variety of de- fect morphologies...
The new fixing screw—development for the digital workflow
Improvements always start in the detail. True to this motto, the innovators at Dentaurum Implants have developed the fixation screw. It allows the new titanium scan abutments to be inserted safely and precisely. This ensures that the abutment is correctly inserted, even in areas that are difficult to view—without additional X-rays
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A new premium solution for an intuitive, reliable and simplified experience
Dentsply Sirona is announcing the launch of the DS OmniTaper Implant System, a new and innovative solution that combines proven technologies with new features. The design is based on the trusted apically tapered Xive Implant design, which has over 20 years of success, modernised with the conical EV connection and OsseoSpeed surface. The DS OmniTaper Implant System will be available in many countries in early 2023.
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