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EDI Journal as the official member magazine of BDIZ EDI – European Association of Dental Implantologists – is the first and only European professional journal of its kind for clinicians with a distinct interest in dental implantology. The specific dental section of this periodical offers great varity of original work, case reports, scientific research and other articles presented by international authors, all helping to make this top-quality platform a truly international voice in oral implantology. A peer-reviewed scientific journal, EDI Journal is also a platform for product innovations, new technologies, techniques and methods. Leading dental implantologists are offered in-depth information on important ancillary themes such as European standards, quality guidelines, legal advice, questions of remuneration and professional qualifi cation and specialization. With a large number of BDIZ EDI partners throughout Europe and beyond, EDI Journal offers direct access to cutting-edge knowledge and places technical excellence and the intra-European exchange of knowledge at the centre of attention, striving towards continual advances in implant education and the creation of pan-European standards and compliance for a progressive harmonization of dental implantology in Europe.


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Editorial: Impressive performance
Christian Berger, President BDIZ EDI
Dear colleagues, After a slimmed-down version two years ago, this year’s International Dental Show will be held predominantly face to face this year – as usual in Cologne. From 14 to 18 March 2023, the dental world will flock to the city on the Rhine. The hype of past years, before the Covid pandemic, with ever more visitors and ever more exhibitors, has given way to a new philosophy that the pan- demic has taught us; many things actually can be done virtually...
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Partner Organizations of BDIZ EDI
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Seminar offers – BDIZ EDI will provide online lectures in 2023
There is a great demand for information on advanced dental topics in continuing professional development. European and international members and other interested parties can choose from several BDIZ EDI online seminars. For members of associated partner organisation, the seminars are free of charge. Just tick the topic you would like to be presented online.
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The educational highlight of the year – 18th Expert Symposium in Cologne, Germany
After 2011 and 2016, BDIZ EDI once again examined the status of short, angled and reduced-diameter implants at the 18th Expert Symposium. Controversial expert discussions met with a highly motivated professional audience.
A reliable treatment option – EuCC presents recommendations for short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants
Anita Wuttke
In January and February, the 18th European Consensus Conference (EuCC) under the auspices of BDIZ EDI updated its 2016 Guideline on short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants. The 2023 Guideline provides recommendations for practitioners and reflects data from controlled clinical trials while also incorporating data from routine clinical practice.
Are you certified yet? – “Focus of Professional Activities: Oral Implantology”
In Germany, a formal “Focus of Professional Activities” (FPA) is an official designation and an indication of a narrower area of specialization of a professional – in our case, a dentist. The BDIZ EDI was instrumental in obtaining a ruling from the Federal Constitutional Court in 2001, to establish the “Focus of Professional Activities: Oral Implantology” (Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantologie) as a legally permissibledesignation on practice nameplates or other information material aimed at the general public. This article outlines the requirements for an FPA: Oral Implantology.
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Top priority: dental documentation – BDIZ EDI checklists still in demand
Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, BDIZ EDI had made dental documentation a top priority. In 2020/2021 we offered a webinar on this topic. Checklists for dental documentation are available for download in the members’ area of the BDIZ EDI’s German-language website. They provide clear examples of how dental documentation can work.
Dentsply Sirona
Meeting Point Implantology 2023 – BDIZ EDI shows its colours at the 40th IDS in Cologne
Anita Wuttke
Anyone wanting to meet the “movers and shakers” behind our work or get their hands on our new publications should visit the BDIZ EDI booth at IDS 2023, Hall 11.2, aisle O, booth 069, from 14 to 18 March 2023. As tradition dictates, the BDIZ EDI booth will once again located opposite the German Dental Association.
Implant maintenance is a team effort – Implant care instructions brochure for patients
The European Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ EDI) has published an English edition of its implant maintenance brochure. In easy-to-understand language, the brochure entitled “Implants—longer-lasting and longer beautiful” offers well-illustrated instructions and general information about oral health.
Recommendations for practitioners and patients – BDIZ EDI Quality Guideline for Implantology
BDIZ EDI President Christian Berger
BDIZ EDI President Christian Berger explains in this interview why the association created the Quality Guideline for Implantology. Berger was instrumental in revising the Quality Guideline, which was first published in 2002 and is regularly updated – the latest update is from 2019. It is intended as a set of recommendations for practitioners and patients.
We want YOU! BDIZ EDI and its multifaceted work
Anita Wuttke
At IDS 2017, BDIZ EDI launched its “We want you” information campaign. The aim is to interest young dentists from Germany and Europe in oral implantology and in the work of BDIZ EDI. These efforts will be intensified at IDS 2023.
BDIZ EDI on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Anita Wuttke
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the most popular social networking channels. BDIZ EDI uses these platforms to keep its own members and the members of partner associations, as well as all users interested in oral implantology, informed.
Dental News: A brief look on dental issues in European/International Newspapers
At this point we would like to give you a brief glance of the world of European public media that have focused on dental topics recently.
Qualification forexperienced implantologists – Certifi cation as an EDA Expert in Implantology
Anita Wuttke
For many years, BDIZ EDI has been catering to experienced and well-versed oral implantologists by offering the certification exam for EDA Expert in Implantology. Jointly with the European Dental Association (EDA), BDIZ EDI regularly invites interested dentists to take the certification exam, which we would like to present in this article.
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Ban on advertising medicinal products compatible with Union law – Judgment of the European Court of Justice in Case C-530/20 | EUROAPTIEKA
The Latvian law banning the advertising of medicinal products on the basis of price, special sales or bundled sales of medicinal products and other products is compatible with EU law. Such advertising content promotes the irrational use of medicinal products and must be prohibited by Member States.
Implantology and modern dentistry – 16th European Symposium of BDIZ EDI and Giornate Veronesi
Oral implantology and modern dentistry will be on the agenda in Valpolicella (Italy) on 16 and 17 June 2023. In cooperation with the 16th European Symposium of BDIZ EDI, the Giornate Veronesi—under the Italian sun, so to speak—will offer top-class scientific lectures, seminars and table clinics as well as a comprehensive supporting programme.
Did you ever know…
..that for many years BDIZ EDI has been an exhibitor at the International Dental Show (IDS)? The association always has its booth in hall 11.2 at the fair in Cologne opposite the German Dental Association. Also at the IDS 2023 from 14 to 18 March, BDZI EDI will once again participate – and of course as tradition dictates have its booth located opposite the German Dental Association: Hall 11.2, booth O 69....
Mitigate the risk of shortages – European Commission adopted proposal to extend transition period of MDR
The European Commission developed the new proposal following a December 9, 2022, meeting of the EPSCO Council, where EU Ministers of Health called on the Commission to swiftly submit a proposal to extend the transition period in the Medical Device Regulation. The proposal will now be negotiated by the European Parliament and the Council.
MDR: Deadline extension a drop in the ocean – Extended transition period for the EU Medical Device Regulation does not help
The problems of implementing the requirements of the EU’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR) for device manufacturers have been pressing ever since the regulation came into force. Now, after much hesitation, EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides has finally reacted. However, according to BDIZ EDI, her “solutions” are just a drop in the ocean.
Osstem Europe s.r.o
The bone core technique: reconstructing peri-implant bone defects using minimally invasive autologous bone augmentation
Dr Alexander Zastera, MSc and Prof Dr Fouad Khoury
Gentle preparation of the implant site and the harvesting of bone from the site using minimally invasive trephine burs are basic prerequisites for the predictable augmentation of alveolar ridge defects using the autologous bone core technique. Pilot drilling is performed with a two-piece trephine bur to harvest the maximum amount of bone for augmentation. Advantages include reduced morbidity due to the elimination of an additional donor site, reduced treatment time, and no need for membranes or foreign-material substitutes. As an autologous augmentation technique, the bone core technique is (as known as carot technique) characterized by a high osteoconductive, osteoinductive and osteogenic potential. Autologous bone grafts remain the gold standard in dental implantology due to their biological advantages.
Extra-short (6.5 and 7.5 mm) single-tooth implants rehabilitated using single-tooth transepithelial with a crown-to-implant ratio 2
Dr Eduardo Anitua DDS, Spain
Nowadays, we can rehabilitate the majority of cases that come to our practice requesting a type of treatment using dental implants. This is mainly due to major advances in implant design, which have enabled implants of smaller length or diameter to be adapted to any clinical situation, and to improve regenerative surgical techniques for those situations where they are necessary.1,2
Screw-retained restoration of upper right first molar and second premolar
Dr Anthony Bendkowski
In the following case report the intended screw-retained restorations was successfully achieved by using the DS OmniTaper Implant System to restore both the upper right first molar as well as the second premolar. This case report is published as an inspiration for clinicians or technicians, not necessarily as a recommendation from Dentsply Sirona.
Implant Solutions World Summit 2023—cutting-edge implant science and innovation
Dental professionals join world-leading experts in implant dentistry for this exclusive, state-of-the-art congress in Athens, Greece, on 8–10 June. Together, they will discover cutting-edge science, the latest innovations in digital dentistry, bone regeneration, and optimised implant treatment solutions, including EV implant family, for their patients—and enjoy the company of colleagues and friends from around the world...
The expert meeting for oral tissue regeneration—International Osteology Symposium Barcelona 2023
The 2023 edition of the International Osteology Symposium will be taking place in Barcelona from 27 to 29 April. As the only global organisation specialising in the field of hard and soft tissue management the foundation will offer an impressive programme of 80 lectures, 14 workshops, two live surgeries and many other formats, all held by worldleading experts in the field of oral regeneration. The event motto “WE ARE RE:GENERATION” reflects the foundation’s main focus on oral regeneration, and at the same time its mission to link science with practice, by gathering all the globally available knowledge—in one place at the same time.
Digital dentistry trends: Osstem World Meeting in Istanbul
After the successful OSSTEM World Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, in 2019 OSSTEM IMPLANT is delighted to hold its next World Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, on 12 and 13 May 2023. This years’ symposium will show how fast digital den- tistry has evolved during the pandemics...
Quo vadis Implant Dentistry—The future of dental implantology
Sonja Mumenthaler
The Oral Reconstruction (OR) Global Symposium, themed "Quo Vadis Implant Dentistry", will be held 18 - 20 May 2023, in Rome, with more than 30 world-renowned speakers who will address the future of implant dentistry and dental tissue regeneration. Numerous practical details about proven and new clinical therapeutic approaches will be discussed during the event.
New chapter as a scientific community
During its academic symposium in Rome from 28 to 29 October 2022 Osstem Implant’s Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Center, also known as AIC Europe, officially revealed its new logo (Fig. 1) and announced its introduction to Europe starting in 2023.
25 years of the All-on-4® treatment concept
Dr. Paulo Malo
Dr. Paulo Malo has been presented a Quarter Century Award from Nobel Biocare, honoring the twenty-fifth anniversary of the revolutionary All-on-4® treatment concept. At a gathering in Nobel Biocare’s Dental Experience Center in Zurich, Switzerland, company President, Patrik Eriksson presented the trophy.
Implant contamination ex-factory—The widely underestimated risk factor for early implant failures
Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck, DDS.
In the search for the causes of peri-implant bone loss, poor oral hygiene, smoking, pre-existing diseases, or existing periodontitis are often identified. A largely neglected factor that may influence an implant's short- and long-term survival is likely to be factory-related particulate and film-like contaminants on the sterile implant surface.
Oral regeneration as a discipline covers periodontal treatment around tooth and implant
Christer Dahlin, President of the Osteology Foundation Board and Professor in Oral Surgery and Guided Tissue Regeneration
The Osteology Foundation marks its 20th anniversary this year. This jubilee will be celebrated at the International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona from 27-29 April 2023. To mark the occasion, we spoke in advance with Christer Dahlin, President of the Osteology Foundation Board and Professor in Oral Surgery and Guided Tissue Regeneration at the Department of Biomaterials Science at the Sahlgrenska University of Gothenburg, Sweden, about the Foundation’s beginnings and its impressive path to becoming a global specialist organisation in the field of oral tissue regeneration.
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Minimally invasive implantology with a two-piece system
Interview with Armin Nedjat, Professor (PMS College Science & Research)
The implant market offers not only different implant systems, but also different implantation procedures. As an alternative to conventional approaches, the MIMI Flapless method with the specially developed Champions (R)Evolution® implant offers a minimally invasive workflow with a unique organizational, surgical and prosthetic approach. Read this interview with Armin Nedjat, Professor (PMS College Science & Research), dentist and developer of the MIMI procedure.
Implantologie und moderne Zahnheilkunde im Juni in Valpolicella
What role does the choice between two-piece implants with conical and non-conical internal connections play?
Andreas Halamoda
Since the first dental implant consensus conference a good 40 years ago, the development of modern implantology has been impressive, both scientifically thanks to the discovery of the biocompatibility of the titanium surface and economically: the number of dental implants placed in Germany has risen from 400,000 per year around 20 years ago to an estimated 1.3 mil- lion today—and the upwards trend is stable. Over the years, not only has an independent, innovation-driven industry developed, but also established global competitors in the dental industry want to participate in this solid market...
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