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Juliane, Berlin, Germany, Editor-in-chief of ALUMNI International Magazine
In May the President of Young Dentists Worldwide and our friend, Mark Antal, got married. The whole Executive Committee of YDW met in Hungary to take part in this important day of our friends. We started to work all together in IADS, the International Association of Dental Students years ago and went through good and difficult times together.
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News: Pandora’s Box
Ioanna Rapti
Athens, June 2010: 31 degrees centigrade, two months after getting under the inspection of International Monetary Fund, one month after three bank employees died in a fire caused by the explosion of a bomb in the bank during a demonstration, and thirty days after receiving the first installment of the loan from the IMF.
Annual IADS and YDW Congress 2011 in India
Dr. Chandresh Shukla
The 58th Annual IADS World Congress 2011 will be held in India between 22nd July 2011 and 31st July 2011. This Annual Congress will be hosted by the Dental Student Association of India (DSWAI), which warmly welcomes IADS and YDW.
INTERVIEW with Juliane Gnoth, Communication Officer of YDW and Editor-in-Chief of the ALUMNI International Magazine. Germany.
Juliane Gnoth, Communication Officer of YDW and the Editor-in-Chief of the ALUMNI International Magazine. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
“As the biggest community for young dental professionals worldwide, we have a great potential that should be used.”
INTERVIEW with Andrea Veitova, Treasurer of YDW
Andrea Veitova is the Treasurer of YDW. She lives and works in Zlin, Czech Republic.
“Once attached to this spirit, it is hard to leave it.”
INTERVIEW with Ahmed Hawas, International Scientific Officer
Ahmed Hawas studied in Alexandria, Egypt, and is now working as an International Scientific Officer in London, Great Britain.
„I owe some of the best memories and friendships of my life to YDW“
IDS in Cologne— A must-see for young dentists
Juliane Gnoth
Everyone who is dealing with dentistry in a way has just one destination every two years in March: Cologne, Germany. This is the place where it all happens, where the newest innovations are shown, where associations meet and make politics, and where parties take place. It is all just about dentistry in this city for some days; Cologne becomes the world’s capital of teeth for a short period. More than 115,000 visitors had the possibility to see Cologne in the first days of spring with wonderful sunshine, but 1,956 exhibitors from 58 countries showed their products at the International Dental Show (IDS) and did not give dentists much time to enjoy the city. But even with such a large number of booths and many halls full of things to see, you could meet familiar people everywhere. For all those who did not want to meet others only by accident, especially for members and friends of Young Dentists Worldwide, there was a meeting point: the booth of the German Dental Chamber (BZÄK). Together with the German Dental Students Association (BdZM) and Young Dentists Germany (BdZA), YDW had the opportunity to represent itself at this place.
Engaged to ScienceTEXT: Magdalena Maciejowska, Poland
Magdalena Maciejowska, Poland
Ph.D. or D.Phil—Doctor of Philosophy is an advanced academic or professional degree awarded by universities in many countries throughout the world; it is a requirement for a career as a university professor or researcher in most fields.
Herbal medicines and dentistry: An Indian Art
Dr. Saurabh Lall
The sole purpose of any branch of medicine is to strive to make human life happier and healthier. To achieve this we must use every possible resource available. From time immemorial, we have been using our natural resources to attain the state of well-being.
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Introducing the American Dental Education Association
Evelyn Lucas-Perry
Hello All! My name is Evelyn Lucas-Perry and I am currently serving my second term as the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Vice President for Students, Residents, and Fellows. The ADEA Council of Students, Residents, and Fellows (ADEA CoSRF) would like to use the opportunity to share the mission, activities, and efforts of our Association.
Medical University of Varna, Faculty of Dental Medicine
Plamen Nenkov
A few months until the graduation of the first alumni in the newest school of dentistry on the Balkan peninsula and probably in Europe will take place.
From dentistry to the business world
Niako Kutaladze
The undeniable process of globalization has directly enforced higher living and health standards all over the global society. More rapidly, the importance of global health and strategic management presents its crucial role in health care improvement and sustainability.
A short dental diary of a life-altering experience in the Dominican Republic
Vasiliki Karathanasi
I am standing sleepless in the boarding gate at Madrid airport waiting to fly to Santo Domingo, where I’ll work as a volunteer dentist for two weeks together with five Spanish colleagues. As soon as I landed in Madrid from Athens, I searched for my Spanish colleague and we both rushed in order to weight our luggage and put in order the dental and medical equipment that we’re bringing with us.
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INTERVIEW with Milena Nersesyan, Graduate from Yerevan State Medical Universtiy in Armenia
Milena Nersesyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia in 2010. She now practices general dentistry.
„I hope to contribute to the development of dentistry in Armenia“
INTERVIEW with Thea Irbil
Thea Irbil graduated in June 2010 and practices in Frederikshavn, Denmark.
“Looking back I couldn’t have made a better choice.”
INTERVIEW with Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva, FDI President-elect of the World Dental Federation
Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva
During the upcoming FDI Congress in Mexico City from the 14th until the 17th of September, Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva from Portugal will take over the duty as the world dental president from Dr. Roberto Vianna. Our editorial board member Dr. Irina Dragan had the pleasure to interview him for AIM. „Today, you need much more in terms of skills, networking, and information communication. And FDI provides that better than anyone else…“
How I turned into a dentist
Lily Moharrami
It’s a cliché question, but lately I believe it’s worth thinking about. By the way! How did I happen to become a dentist??? Would I be a dentist if I was born into another family or if I wasn’t an Iranian? Could such variations have affected my future job?
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