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The novel professional magazine ceramic implants – international magazine of ceramic implant technology is published by the dental publisher OEMUS MEDIA AG since 2017.

Titanium has been proven as a material for dental implants for decades. At the early stages of oral implantology, researchers and manufacturers also experimented with metal-free materials, such as "aluminum oxide ceramic”. However, these did not establish themselves for stability reasons. Since then, metal-free implantology has come a long way: today, zirconium dioxide is widely recognised as an implant material owing to its advantages in terms of long-term stability, osseointegration and prosthetic possibilities. It is a material that is increasingly on par with titanium in many respects. Owing to the rise of titanium intolerance cases caused by the widespread use of titanium oxide in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, the demand for this highly aesthetic, tissue-friendly, bio-inert and metal-free implant material is steadily increasing. Experts expect ceramic dental implants to reach a market share of 1025 per cent in the coming years. With a dedicated magazine, OEMUS MEDIA AG is helping clinicians around the globe to keep track of these rapid developments and to inform them about current trends in metal-free implantology. Since its inception, ceramic implants has established itself as a leading international print medium and is regarded by many an unbiased, independent platform for the transfer of professional knowledge. 

Twice a year, readers are getting an update from the world of metal-free implantology through user-oriented case reports, research articles, as well as product news and market overviews. In addition, the editorial team of ceramic implants is paying particular attention to the coverage of important conferences and further training events from international expert societies. 

Ceramic implants is a subscription-based magazine. It is distributed worldwide and at conferences and trade fairs with a print run of 8,000 copies per issue. 

Ceramic implants – international magazine of ceramic implant technology is published in English language. 


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Editorial: Titanium versus zirconia? Osteoimmunology in implantology
Dr Johann Lechner, Germany
Titanium and zirconia are the two primary materials used in dental implan- tology. While both materials have been used successfully for many years, there is still a debate about which one is better. Titanium has been the traditional choice for dental implant surgery for over 40 years. However, there are some concerns with the use of titanium implants...
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Straumann AG
Clinical success rate of two-piece zirconia dental implants
Dr Joseph Sarkissian & Minehli Kamarzar, USA
With the recent development of mechanically improved and clinically versatile zirconia implants, their clinical use over the past several years has become more widespread globally. Although zirconia implants currently rep- resent a niche market, their popularity worldwide is grow- ing rapidly.1 Studies show that zirconia implants offer many advantages over metal implants, including aesthetics, greatly reduced plaque retention and incidence of peri-implantitis, lower accumulation of surface biofilm compared with titanium implants, outstanding biocompatibility, and a degree of osseointegration and soft- tissue response that is superior to that of titanium dental implants.2–5 ...
Immediately placed two-piece zirconia implant with customised healing abutment in the maxillary molar region
Drs Alexandre Marques Paes da Silva, Dennis de Carvalho Ferreira, Francisco Augusto Horta dos Santos, Mayla Kezy Silva Teixeira, Daniel Moraes Telles & Eduardo José Veras Lourenço, Brazil
Over the past two decades, the utilisation of metal-free materials for oral rehabilitation has surged and emerged as an alternative to titanium in the production of dental implants.1 Among these materials, yttria-stabilised tetragonal zirconia polycrystal has gained recognition as the preferred choice for such applications owing to its superior mechanical properties and reduced tendency to accumulate bacterial plaque.2 ...
bredent medical GmbH & Co. KG
Magneto-dynamic site preparation for zirconia implants: A dry, cold and minimally invasive protocol
Dr Franco Giancola, Italy
Today, dentistry is facing new challenges. Demanding and fragile patients who require quick, atraumatic and risk-free treatments are increasingly presenting to our dental clinics. These patients require immediately loaded implants even in local situations of bone atrophy and despite precarious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases. Furthermore, the COVID pandemic has made dental care increasingly complex regarding the management of operating times and the prevention of infections...
Modern workflow of immediate zirconia implant surgery utilising dynamic navigation: case studies and benefit analysis
Dr Daniel Madden, USA
Dental implant therapy is an integral and growing treatment modality for today’s clinicians. With the advent of digital workflows dental implant treatment has become more accessible, faster, safer, and more predictable. All which can provide a better patient experience and more idealised final restorations...
Looking for a ceramic solution
Dr Olivier Chéron, Spain
A 40-year-old patient in good general health came to our practice wishing to replace the bridge extending from pontic #24 to tooth #27 and to place an implant in region #24. An initial digital radiograph and a CBCT scan were performed to analyse the possibility of placing an implant in this area (Figs. 1 & 2). The area did not present with any periapical or intraosseous lesions. The bone width and height were found to be sufficient for implantation, and there was no atrophy. A mucous retention cyst was observed in the left maxillary sinus...
Full-arch maxillary rehabilitation using Y-TZP protheses on ceramic implants—18 month follow up
Dr Rodrigo Pohlmann, Dr Rodrigo Gomes Beltrão, Cristine Finco, Dr Vinicius Dutra & Marcos Chevarria, Brazil
Nowadays, ceramic materials are increasingly used in the dental field. Ceramic implants, which can be successfully included in different treatment workflows and indications, are today considered reliable thanks to the develop- ment of new surfaces, innovative materials and enhanced clinical protocols...
Discover the latest in ceramic implantology at the EACim’s 2023 congress in France
An interview with Dr Fabrice Baudot, scientific leader of the EACim, France
The European Academy of Ceramic Implantology (EACim) is an independent organisation established to share expertise and skills in the practice of ceramic implantology in order to promote the field. On 10 June, the EACim is holding a congress in Paris with an impressive line-up of international speakers. ceramic implants had the opportunity to have a conversation with Dr Fabrice Baudot, sci- entific leader of the EACim, to find out more...
ITI - International Team for Implantology
“Ceramic Implants meets Aesthetics” in May in Munich
Under the theme “Ceramic Implants Meets Aesthetics”, ISMI in- vites you to its 7 th Annual Meeting on 5 and 6 May 2023 at the H4 Hotel Messe Munich. The programme is available online and as a printed programme booklet. Renowned experts and practitioners from home and abroad will discuss practical experiences and current trends in the use of ceramic implants, as well as biological aspects of metal-free implantology, with participants on both congress days. Parallel to the ISMI Annual Meeting, and with some joint podiums, the anniversary congress of the German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry e.V. (DGKZ) will take place...
5th Group & Experts Meeting at IDS 2023 – Discussing the traceable connection between packaging and implant contamination
“We’re so happy for the positive reactions and feedback for our global initiative at this year’s IDS,” summarises Dr Dirk U. Duddeck, founder and head of research of the nonprofit CleanImplant Foundation (CIF), and continues: “The interactions at the world’s leading exhibition for the dental industry have proven that more and more dentists and implant manufacturers are increasingly sensitised towards the problem of factory-contaminated implants”. For its 5th iteration, this year’s CleanImplant Group & Experts Meeting was the largest to date, with over 50 guests attending, from manufacturers’ representatives to project partners...
Zeramex congress in Zurich:Exciting insights into metal-free implantology
Swiss ceramic implant producer Dentalpoint offered the possibility for an in-depth exploration of the innovative world of metal-free implantology at the Zeramex congress in combination with picturesque views of the Zurichberg. The congress highlighted why implants made of high-performance ceramic might by now be setting their very own standards...
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