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The novel professional magazine ceramic implants – international magazine of ceramic implant technology is published by the dental publisher OEMUS MEDIA AG since 2017.


Titanium has been proven as a material for dental implants for decades. At the early stages of oral implantology, researchers and manufacturers also experimented with metal-free materials, such as "aluminum oxide ceramic”. However, these did not establish themselves for stability reasons. Since then, metal-free implantology has come a long way: today, zirconium dioxide is widely recognised as an implant material owing to its advantages in terms of long-term stability, osseointegration and prosthetic possibilities. It is a material that is increasingly on par with titanium in many respects. Owing to the rise of titanium intolerance cases caused by the widespread use of titanium oxide in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, the demand for this highly aesthetic, tissue-friendly, bio-inert and metal-free implant material is steadily increasing. Experts expect ceramic dental implants to reach a market share of 1025 per cent in the coming years. With a dedicated magazine, OEMUS MEDIA AG is helping clinicians around the globe to keep track of these rapid developments and to inform them about current trends in metal-free implantology. Since its inception, ceramic implants has established itself as a leading international print medium and is regarded by many an unbiased, independent platform for the transfer of professional knowledge. 


Twice a year, readers are getting an update from the world of metal-free implantology through user-oriented case reports, research articles, as well as product news and market overviews. In addition, the editorial team of ceramic implants is paying particular attention to the coverage of important conferences and further training events from international expert societies. 


Ceramic implants is a subscription-based magazine. It is distributed worldwide and at conferences and trade fairs with a print run of 8,000 copies per issue. 


Ceramic implants – international magazine of ceramic implant technology is published in English language. 



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Straumann AG
Editorial: Ceramic Implants—We need to talk!
Georg Isbaner
The number of initiatives surrounding ceramic implants has increased significantly lately. New expert associations dealing solely with this subject are taking the stage. In Europe alone, three major congresses on ceramic implantology will take place this year. And in the US, the IAOCI and its cooperation partners are also quite active...
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CAMLOG Biotechnologies GmbH
Zirconia implants and digital workflow: A case report
Drs Saurabh Gupta, India & Sammy Noumbissi, USA
Advancements made in the dental zirconia industry have given rise to new and alternative treatment options for implantology. When compared with other ceramic oxides, zirconia exhibits outstanding biochemical properties. Since its introduction to dentistry, it has been utilised as a material suitable for fixed dental prosthesis, ceramic crowns, metal-free implant abutments and pros-thetic frameworks...
Tooth replacement with one-piece zirconia implants
Dr Paul S. Petrungaro, USA
The use of dental implants to replace the failing natural tooth system has become a popular treatment planning choice over the last several decades. Modifications to the conventional multistep protocols initially introduced by Per-Ingvar Brånemark have allowed for treatment times to be shortened and for patients to receive immediate aesthetic provisional restorations in only one surgical appointment. Positive long-term success rates have been demonstrated in the literature...
SDS Deutschland GmbH
Single-tooth restoration in the aesthetic zone
Dr med. dent. Franz-Jochen Mellinghoff, M.Sc., PhD, Germany
The following clinical case report describes a successful single tooth restoration of an aesthetically compromised dentition using Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant. The natural-looking ivory colour of this implant allowed us to meet the expectations of patients who are seeking to achieve better aesthetic outcomes...
Nobel Biocare Management AG
Rehabilitation of an edentulous mandible
Prof. Ziv Mazor, Israel
A 37-year-old patient presented suffering from aggres-sive periodontitis which resulted in almost total edentu-lism in the lower jaw (Fig. 1). For that reason, the patient asked for fixed restorations. The treatment plan involved the extraction and grinding of the remaining teeth, the use of an autogenous dentine graft to fill up the alveolar defects and the subsequent insertion of one-piece zir-conia implants (TAV Dental) utilising immediate loading. A bone-supported guide had been fabricated by means of the Simplant software to ensure optimal implant positioning (Figs. 2 & 3)...
The key to lasting aesthetics
Dr Robert Bauder, Austria
Throughout the past five to ten years, the number of different ceramic implants offered by the industry has increased significantly. There are tissue level and bone level implants and two-piece and one-piece systems—the definition of the last of which is up for debate. If a two-piece SDS2.0 implant (SDS Swiss Dental Solutions), for example, is placed at tissue level, as recommended by the manufacturer, it is basically a pseudo one-piece, because the abutment forms one piece with the implant body and, after the healing period, the implant is only extended by cementing the abutment extension before it is then, as a whole, individually ground to gingival level...
Single-tooth restoration with anall-ceramic implant solution
Prof. Dr med. dent. Michael Gahlert, Germany
In this case report, a single tooth restoration with the NobelPearl implant system is presented in detail by Prof. Dr Michael Gahlert. NobelPearl is an all-ceramic implant solution from the Zurich-based company Nobel Biocare. It was developed in collaboration with Zeramex.
Ceramics come of age
Prof. Stefan Holst, Switzerland
Zirconia has been used in dental applications for decades—sometimes successfully, sometimes less so. The first zirconia implants were introduced on an experimental basis well before the turn of the century.1 Systems have come and gone. Review the literature or visit a clinic today, and you’ll find that most of the earlyphase implants are associated with complications. We’ve seen a range of problems, including fractures during surgery, fractures after loading, mobility, infection, pain, bone loss, and a lack of osseointegration.2 ...
Staying ahead of the competition
Luc Trevisan, France
Research has revealed that the status of our dental health, as well as the appearance of our teeth play an important role in how we are perceived by other people and what first impression we make on them. Certainly, dental aesthetics and treatments that improve the smile are associated with higher levels of patient satisfaction regarding appearance, quality of life and psychological condition1, which may explain why comprehensive re-storative and cosmetic dentistry are experiencing rapid and ongoing growth.2 ...
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Visions in Implantology—2nd Future Congress in Dental Implantology
Metal out—Ceramics in!
Along with digitalisation, ceramic implant technology is currently one of the fastest-growing and most innovative areas in dentistry. Intensive research and ongoing devel-opment, mean that zirconia implants are now to be taken seriously as an alternative to titanium implants in dental implantology. Dentalpoint with its ZERAMEX brand is a pioneer in “white implants”. In this interview with ceramic implants, Philip Bolleter, Head of the Technical Department, and Adrian Hunn, Head of Marketing and Sales, discuss the current state of ceramic implants...
Harnessing the advantages of ceramics
High aesthetics, strength, great biocompatibility—zirconia is a material that offers a wide variety of benefits for implant patients. However, zirconia also has its limitation and it would be foolish to overlook them. By developing an entirely new production material, the implant manufacturing company Argon Medical has addressed these limitations. At IDS 2019, Richard Donaca, head of the Germany-based family business, spoke with ceramic implants about their new ceramic implant system...
On complementing each other
Straumann has teamed up with Z-Systems to extend its ceramic implant portfolio: the Basel-based implant manufacturing giant has obtained exclusive distribution rights for the new Z-Systems zirconia-based implant line. At this year’s International Dental Show, Frank Hemm, Head Marketing & Education at Straumann, and Rubino Di Girolamo, CEO of Z-Systems, spoke with Georg Isbaner, managing editor of ceramic implants, about their collabo-ration, what it means for the future of the two companies and how the new implant line from Z-Systems comple-ments Straumann’s PURE implant range...
ceramic implants (engl.)
Ceramic implantology—At eye level with titanium
The European Society for Ceramic Implantology (ESCI) will hold their First European Congress for Ceramic Implant Dentistry on 11 and 12 October 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. The congress will provide both interested beginners and experienced users with valuable new in-sights into the successful application of ceramic implants as an additional and reliable therapy alternative to the established titanium implants...
Ceramic implants—Game changer in implant dentistry
On 10 and 11 May 2019, the 5thAnnual Meeting of the Interna-tional Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) will take place on the premises of the Constance Clinic under the theme “Ceramic Implants—Game Changer in Implantology”. Renowned speakers and participants will discuss practical experiences and current trends in the use of ceramic implants on both congress days.
1. European Congress Ceramic Implant Dentistry
1st EACim congress to take place in June
The European Academy of Ceramic Implantology (EACim) is an independent non-profit organisation looking forward to sensitising health professionals on the use of biocompatible materials such as ceramics in dental im-plantology. The EACim was created by a group of practicing clinicians, teachers or speakers with a strong ex-pertise in ceramic implants as an alternative to titanium implants...
New frontiers in metal-free implant dentistry
The 8th Annual Congress of the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOCI) took place this past February in Tampa, Florida (USA). This year’s theme was “New Frontiers in Metal-Free Implant Dentistry” and one of the main purposes was to once again bring clinicians, scientists, industry leaders, manufacturers and speakers together to exchange, discuss, share knowledge and information on the recent advances that have occurred in ceramic implantology...
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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ceramic implants (engl.)