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The specialist magazine roots presents the most significant international developments and experiences within the endodontic profession in an easy-to-read format to practitioners around the world. This high gloss, English language magazine is published four times a year and distributed at all major international congresses and exhibitions. roots is sent to a database of 4.000 dentists worldwide (mainly USA, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe) and gets a wide bonus distribution at the following shows in 2011: IDS, SINO, FDI Mexico City and GNYDM. The content of the magazine is a combination of specialty articles, clinical studies, case reports, industry reports, reviews (meetings, products, etc.), news, and lifestyle articles. Specialists as well as general dentists are informed about new concepts in root canal treatment and the latest advances in techniques and instrumentation to help them keep pace with the rapid changes in this field.

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Editorial: Lasers are mainstream in endodontics
Dr George Freedman
One of the most innovative technologies widely used in medicine, kind to tissue and excellent for healing, has only recently begun to make a significant dental impact. Dental lasers have been commercially available for several decades, but the profession has been slow to incorporate this technology into the practice. Lasers, extensively documented in the academic and clinical dental literature, have long been perceived by practitioners as too limited in intraoral applications, too complicated and too expensive. In recent years, ease of use, scientific research and documentation, and greater affordability have converged to make lasers essential for every dental practice.
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Diagnosis 2013: The things you need to know for successful endodontic treatment
Dr Thomas Jovicich, USA
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CBCT in endodontic treatment of fused second and third mandibular molars
Dr Andreas Krokidis, Greece, & Dr Riccardo Tonini, Italy
The aim of this article is to report a rare anatomic case and the contribution of new technologies in best resolving it. Fusion is defined as the union of two separate tooth germs at any stage of tooth development. Planning treatment for this condition can be difficult and requires all diagnostic means available. A 45-year-old female patient presenting with a fused second and third molar underwent endodontic treatment and direct restoration after CBCT imaging revealed a direct relationship between the two germs. The treatment was successful once the correct diagnosis had been made...
Bioactive endodontic obturation: Combining the new with the tried and true MTA Fillapex and Continuous Wave of Condensation
Dr Gary Glassman, Canada
The triad of biomechanical preparation, chemo-therapeutic sterilization and three-dimensional obturation is the hallmark of endodontic success.1,2
SEM analysis of the laser activation of final irrigants for smear layer removal
Dr Vivek Hegde, Dr Naresh Thukral, Dr Sucheta Sathe, Dr Shachi Goenka & Dr Paresh Jain, India
The complete restoration of the root canal space with an inert filling material and the creation of a fluid tight seal are the goals of successful endodontic therapy.1 In order to create a fluid tight seal, it is imperative that the endodontic -filling material closely adapts or bonds to the tooth structure. This, however, is impaired by the presence of a smear layer, which invariably forms after endodontic instrumentation.2,3 The smear layer contains organic material, odontoblastic processes, bacteria and blood cells...
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Treatment of aphthous stomatitis using low-level laser therapy
Pedro J. Muñoz Sánchez, Cuba, José Luis Capote Femenias, Cuba & Jan Tunér, Sweden
Aphthous stomatitis has been investigated to a great extent; however, the aetiology of these lesions is still to be identified accurately. Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is considered a chronic illness accompanied by painful oral ulcers that reappear with irregular frequency.
Navigating canal systems - The 16th ESE biennial congress
Magda Wojtkiewicz, DTI
The 16th European Society of Endodontology (ESE) biennial congress, which covered everything of importance to modern endodontic treatment, finished in a middle of September. The event was hosted by the Portuguese Society of Endodontology from 12 to 14 September and was a fantastic opportunity for endo-dontic specialists to meet friends and colleagues in the spectacular city of Lisbon. According to the organisers, the congress provided an exceptional scientific programme together with an exciting social programme...
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