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The specialist magazine roots presents the most significant international developments and experiences within the endodontic profession in an easy-to-read format to practitioners around the world. This high gloss, English language magazine is published four times a year and distributed at all major international congresses and exhibitions. roots is sent to a database of 4.000 dentists worldwide (mainly USA, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe) and gets a wide bonus distribution at the following shows in 2011: IDS, SINO, FDI Mexico City and GNYDM. The content of the magazine is a combination of specialty articles, clinical studies, case reports, industry reports, reviews (meetings, products, etc.), news, and lifestyle articles. Specialists as well as general dentists are informed about new concepts in root canal treatment and the latest advances in techniques and instrumentation to help them keep pace with the rapid changes in this field.

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Dr Sekar Mahalaxmi
I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the first Roots Summit in India. After the stupendous success of the Roots Summit in Brazil in 2012, it is time for roots to travel all the way east to the beautiful country of India, with its rich culture, flora and fauna; where loads of enthusiastic rooters are eagerly awaiting this endodontic clinical and academic extravaganza...
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Restoration of endodontic teeth: An engineering perspective
Dr Gregori M. Kurtzman, USA
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Pressing endodontic issues
Dr Antonis Chaniotis, Greece
Sealing the root canal system with a durable and bacteria-tight material guarantees a successful endodontic treatment in the long run. Easier said than done, if you consider the complex nature of the given dental anatomy. The following case report demonstrates that a reliable obturation of the root canal system sometimes just needs a little unusual pressure, i.e. negative pressure...
S-shaped root – risks of a master challenge in endodontology
Dr Friedrich Müller, Germany
An 81-year-old female patient came with typical pulpitic pain in the right side lower mandible...
PIPS and retreatment
Dr Reid Pullen, USA
Retreatment can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavour. The first order of business is to figure out why the primary root canal treatment is failing. Sometimes the answer will be evident after the patient interview, clinical exam and radiographic analysis, but other times the root canal failure is a mystery. Some of the questions I recommend thinking about are: Was a rubber dam used? ...
Interview: “Continuous Education is a top priority for us, first proof is our new Training Centers”
Interview with Alexandre Mulhauser, FKG Dentaire
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Diclofenac, dexamethasone or laser phototherapy? (Part II)
Jan Tunér, Sweden
In part I, the author informed about studies which investigated the effects of diclofenac and LPT. In the second part, they continue their investigation into the vast literature and studies on this topic and give their conclusion...
Daktari for Maasai – Mobile Dental Care in the Serengeti
Prof. Martin Jörgens, Germany
Even as early as the 1950s, the Serengeti had already gained worldwide attention through the numerous documentary films produced by Professor Bernhard Grzimek. The images from Serengeti darf nicht sterben (Don’t let the Serengeti die) were so powerful that he was awarded the Oscar for Best Documentary Film in 1960. Grzimek’s film reporting and personal commitment eventually led to greater sensitivity in the handling of Tanzania’s unique natural resources as well as the expansion and protection of Tanzania’s most important national park: the Serengeti.
Planmeca and the University of Turku found Nordic Institute of Dental Education
Dental technology company Planmeca and the University of Turku have founded a joint venture company, the Nordic Institute of Dental Education. The institute will offer high-quality continuing -education courses to dental professionals...
International Events
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Submission guidelines
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