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The specialist magazine roots presents the most significant international developments and experiences within the endodontic profession in an easy-to-read format to practitioners around the world. This high gloss, English language magazine is published four times a year and distributed at all major international congresses and exhibitions. roots is sent to a database of 4.000 dentists worldwide (mainly USA, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe) and gets a wide bonus distribution at the following shows in 2011: IDS, SINO, FDI Mexico City and GNYDM. The content of the magazine is a combination of specialty articles, clinical studies, case reports, industry reports, reviews (meetings, products, etc.), news, and lifestyle articles. Specialists as well as general dentists are informed about new concepts in root canal treatment and the latest advances in techniques and instrumentation to help them keep pace with the rapid changes in this field.

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Dr Sekar Mahalaxmi
Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.” Learning, thus, is a never-ending process, more so in dentistry and particularly in endodontics. In this present era, knowledge is just a click away; however, the authenticity of such information is not always reliable. Literature plays a vital role in the shaping of a dentist into a concept-driven clinician. Apart from textbooks and journals, various educational forums where knowledge and clinical skills are shared without barriers contribute to the field of dentistry. One such online forum is Roots, which has been passionately educating and motivating young general dentists and endodontists. It has welcomed all those who have a passion for endodontics into its fold...
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Passive micro-volume management of sodium hypochlorite in endo-dontic treatment
Dr Les Kalman, USA
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Instrument fracture removal revisitedType of tooth and root Location of fragments in root canal Success rateDecision-making NiTi fractured instrumentsAccess to the fragmentThe micro-tube technique
Drs Dominique Martin & Pierre Machtou, France
The fracture of a root canal instrument during endodontic treatment is quite a common occurrence. The estimated risk of instrument fracture is between 0.5 and 5per cent.1–6 It has been shown that the number of instrument fractures has notably increased with the growing use of rotary instruments made of nickel titanium (NiTi).2,4 ...
BT-Race: Biological and conservative root canal instrumentation with the final restoration in mind
Dr Gilberto Debelian, Norway, & Dr Martin Trope, USA
Intra-canal microbes are the cause of endodontic disease.1–3 The removal of microbes from the root canal system during treatment and the prevention of microbes entering the canals determines whether treatment will be successful.4,5 ...
Managing coronal destruction - A clinical case demonstrating the pre-endodontic reconstruction of a tooth
Dr Andreas Schult, Germany
For many years, post systems have been an important component of post-endodontic core build-ups. Post crowns or posts and cores used to be manufactured in a dental laboratory with the primary goals of repairing the restoration on significantly destroyed teeth and stabilising the tooth structure. With the development of adhesive systems, mechanical anchoring of the denture to the remaining tooth structure became increasingly less important, to such an extent that clinicians now debate whether a post is even needed...
Root canal therapy setting your teeth on edge?
Dr Peter Southerden, UK
Every endodontic treatment is different. However, if you as a dentist have only half an hour before risking your life, if your patient weighs about 22 stone (139.71kg) and if his canines are 14cm long, you are literally in the lion’s den...
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SIROLaser Factbook: Comprehensive information on diode lasers
Sirona reports on the wide range of applications of diode lasers in a special edition of the English-language “Laser – International Magazine of Laser Dentistry.” The "SIROLaser Factbook—Clinical articles about SIROLaser Advance and Xtend applications" includes research by well-known experts as well as informative field reports from experienced users of laser technology...
Planmeca and the University of Turku found Nordic Institute of Dental Education
Dental technology company Planmeca and the University of Turku have founded a joint venture company, the Nordic Institute of Dental Education. The institute will offer high-quality continuing education courses to dental professionals...
“Striving for perfection”— AAE holds 2014 Annual Session in Washington
Fred Michmershuizen, DTA
Endodontists from around the world and across the country gathered at the Gaylord National resort just outside Washington, D.C., for the 2014 AAE Annual Session. From lectures to hands-on workshops to formal and informal social gatherings, the meeting, held from April 30 to May 3, offered a wide range of opportunities for attendees...
International Events
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