Das in Kooperation der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Laserzahnheilkunde e.V. (DGL) und der 2018 gegründeten International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD) herausgegebene Magazin stellt sich in den Dienst des internationalen Know-how-Transfers in der Laserzahnmedizin. Analog zu dem seit 2000 sehr erfolgreich weltweit verlegten Magazin implants erhalten die Leser durch anwenderorientierte Fallberichte, wissenschaftliche Studien und komprimierte Produkt- und Veranstaltungsinformationen ein regelmäßiges Update aus der Welt der internationalen  Laserzahnmedizin. Einen besonderen Stellenwert haben in diesem Zusammenhang vor allem Berichte über die international stattfindenden Fachkongresse und Symposien sowie die internationalen Aktivitäten der DGL und ISLD. laser – international magazine of laser dentistry erscheint vierteljährlich und in englischer Sprache (BE).

Themen der aktuellen Ausgabe 04/2012

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Editorial: Laser dentistry - deeply rooted in science
Dr Georg Bach
This year’s annual DGL Congress in Leipzig, Germany, has born eloquent witness to how much laser-supported therapies have become rooted in evidence-based dentistry and the dental world of science. However, the congress is only one among many factors which have contributed to this appreciation of laser dentistry...
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Lasers in soft tissue dentistry
Dr Vrinda Rattan, India
Lasers have revolutionised the medical management since the 1960s. Unlike many fields of medicine and surgery, where laser treatment represents a sole source of remedy, in dentistry the use of a laser is considered an adjunctive in delivering a stage of tissue management conducive to achieving a completed hard or soft tissue procedure. The adjunctive use of lasers in the field of periodontics has helped to achieve efficient cutting of dental hard tissue, haemostatic ablation of soft tissue, the disinfecting effect through bacterial elimination and an enhanced biochemical pathway associated with tissue healing...
Lasers in endodontics
Dr Enrico DiVito, Prof Dr Rolando Crippa, Prof Dr Giuseppe Iaria, Prof Dr Vasilios Kaitsas, Prof Dr Stefano Benedicenti & Prof Dr Giovanni Olivi, USA
This article will analyze some of the most important research in the international literature today and the new guidelines for the use of the laser as a source of activation of chemical irrigants...
Diode lasers for periodontal treatment: the story so far
Dr Fay Goldstep, Dr George Freedman, Canada
The concept of using dental lasers for the treatment of periodontal disease elicits very strong reactions from all sides of the spectrum. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is certain that their own opinion is correct. But the only certainty is confusion, and the lack of clear direction in the concept of Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT)...
The key concept of laser dentistry - What does a dental laser actually do?
Dr Rene Franzen, Canada
In his new book “Principles of Medical and Dental Lasers”, Rene Franzen addresses the key issues of laser dentistry in an accessible way, pointing out important facts with regard to laser-tissue interaction relevant for everyday clinical practice. Readers of laser international magazine of laser dentistry can now enjoy a free reprint of an original chapter from this piece of basic laser literature.
Does the tongue get the attention it deserves?
Dr Darius Moghtader, Germany
Removing fibromas and fraena is bread-and-butter work for dental practitioners. Laser dentists are even happy to do it spontaneously during a routine check-up.
Lasers in the treatment of traumatically fractured frontal teeth
Dr Carlo Fornaini, Italy
Dental traumatology is a multidisciplinary branch of dentistry that requires a number of specific skills. In cases of emergency, decisions have to be made within a limited time frame and with effects that can only be evaluated at a later date.1 The techniques of tooth fragment re-attachment should be adapted for cases of simple coronal fracture (enamel and superficial dentin) as well as complicated coronal fracture (deep dentin with pulp exposure)...
Laser versus bur and dentinal bonding
Dr Barbara Cvikl, Dr Alexander Franz, Dr Christoph Kurzmann & Dr Andreas Moritz, Austria
In times of increased awareness of aesthetics, high quality ceramic restorations in dentistry are in great demand. Furthermore, demands for alternative dental preparation techniques like laser preparation which affords non-contacting and vibration-free working, increased. Therefore, laser research and laser application became more and more important in dentistry. However, constantly new developments and this concentrated flow of information can occasionally be a problem for the attending dentist, because it is hardly possible in clinical everyday live to review all new products and information that are given by manufacturers. The purpose of the present work is therefore to provide information about the stability of the adhesive compound between human dentin and ceramic using different laser and conventional preparation tools...
Manufacturer News
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Community board honors dentists for supporting drug education in schools
The award acknowledged the dentists’ dedication in fighting drug abuse in the greater New York area by supporting the office of Dr Bernard Fialkoff and the Fialkoff Dental Study Club’s free drug education program for New York City children. The award was given as part of a presentation to the 65 attending dentists, encouraging all to get involved in community activities such as this community service program and the “Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives” oral health care program for youth...
International Events
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New York City is open for business
Organisers of the Greater New York Dental Meeting have announced that they would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and concerns during this difficult time in New York and New Jersey. “We have been receiving numerous calls, emails and faxes and would like to inform the world that we are open,” the organisers said in a statement. The meeting will be held Friday through Wednesday, Nov. 23 to 28...
Milan sees 40th anniversary of International Expodental
This autumn, more than 20,000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors celebrated the 40th anniversary of the annual International Expodental. The event took place in the new exhibition halls at Fiera Milano City in Milan and showcased the latest technologies for dentists and dental technicians...
“I believe that the future is already here”
At the latest congress of the World Federation for lasers Dentistry in Barcelona, laser specialist company Syneron Dental Lasers introduced its new LiteTouch model of dental lasers for hard & soft tissue treatments. Laser magazine spoke with the company's President & CEO, Mr Ira Prigat, about the benefits of the new model and future prospects of laser technology in dentistry...
The editors of laser would like to thank all authors for dedicating their time and efforts to this year’s issues.
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