Das in Kooperation der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Laserzahnheilkunde e.V. (DGL) und der 2018 gegründeten International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD) herausgegebene Magazin stellt sich in den Dienst des internationalen Know-how-Transfers in der Laserzahnmedizin. Analog zu dem seit 2000 sehr erfolgreich weltweit verlegten Magazin implants erhalten die Leser durch anwenderorientierte Fallberichte, wissenschaftliche Studien und komprimierte Produkt- und Veranstaltungsinformationen ein regelmäßiges Update aus der Welt der internationalen  Laserzahnmedizin. Einen besonderen Stellenwert haben in diesem Zusammenhang vor allem Berichte über die international stattfindenden Fachkongresse und Symposien sowie die internationalen Aktivitäten der DGL und ISLD. laser – international magazine of laser dentistry erscheint vierteljährlich und in englischer Sprache (BE).

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Editorial: A brief history of dental lasers
Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht
Exactly thirty years ago the first German users of dental lasers met for a “Laser Study Club” in order to find out what the first Nd:YAG laser of the company “American Dental Laser”, which was especially developed for dental applications, was capable of. It was a free-running pulsed Nd:YAG laser with a power of 0.5–3.0 W and 10–30 Hz. The extraordinary thing was that, for the first time ever, the power could be transmitted to the tissue via a quartz fibre...
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The diode laser in a fully digital workflow for prosthetic treatment
Dr Carmine Prisco, Italy
Modern dentistry has undergone an incredible evolution owing to the many new available technologies. The digital transformation and the technological evolution in dental surgery represent a very interesting opportunity for the modern dentist to develop his or her practice. Technologically supported dentistry is completely oriented towards patients’ needs, well-being and comfort. Reduced treatment times, minimal invasiveness and better care with predictable results are the guiding principles.1 A fully digital workflow in prosthetic dentistry respects these principles. The purpose of this article is to show how the use of a diode laser can be integrated into the procedures of a fully digital workflow to make it more effective, simpler and faster...
Innovative endodontics using SWEEPS technology
Drs Giovanni Olivi & Matteo Olivi, Italy
The ultimate goal of endodontic treatment is the eradication of microorganisms responsible for endodontic disease.1, 2 Enlarging and shaping the root canals to a size sufficient for delivery of irrigants into the endodontic space allows for pulp tissue dissolution and antibacterial activity in the full space.3 ...
The periodontal pocket
Dr Fabrice Baudot, France
Developments in our knowledge in the fields of biology, microbiology, tissue engineering1 and technological progress have motivated the proposal of new therapeutic approaches and new surgical protocols to treat periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases are chronic inflammatory pathologies resulting from an imbalance be-tween the oral microbial flora and the patient’s defence systems.2, 3 ...
Laser-assisted gingival modification of an edentulous site
Dr Foteini Papanastasopoulou, Greece
Despite the increasing availability of dental implants, many patients still choose to replace their missing teeth with fixed partial prostheses. In order to have a positive outcome and prolong the lifespan of the fixed prosthesis, the treatment plan must be designed carefully. The edentulous site and the pontic’s shape can be decisive factors for the treatment succes...
Treatment of a patient with multiple myeloma
Dr Maziar Mir, Germany; Dr Mina Mazandarani & Dr Masoud Shabani, Iran
Patients with cancer are generally considered high-risk patients. When treating these patients, dentists should always be aware of a variety of factors that might pose the risk of adverse health effects...
Looking forward to working with you in 2020!
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Laser protection in the medial range
Life Energy Light—Lasers are the future in medicine as well, but require special protective measures
Analysis of the laser dentistry market
Dr Dimitris Strakas, Greece
Laser dentistry is experiencing a boom time. Although the financial situation globally is constraining the market, laser companies—both big and small, yet all with unique corporate histories—continue to bring new devices to the market to support us and our patients, developing new technological implementations and therapeutic proto-cols, and surprising us with new waveleng...
Successful communication in your daily practice
Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos, Germany & Cyprus
This series covers the most common and demanding scenarios that might arise in your dental practice and presents successful ways to manage them in order for you to enjoy greater peace of mind. Each article of this series teaches you a new, easy-to-use specialised proto-col which can easily be applied and adapted to your own dental clinic’s requirements from the ouset...
On challenges, excellence and embracing what once was
At its 2018 international congress in Aachen in Germany, members of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD) left the expert society in order to revert to the original International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD). In this interview with laser magazine, Leon Vanweersch, a member of the ISLD organisation board and the Academic Coordinator of the Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ), talks about the current state of the new old expert society, the major challenges that laser dentistry is facing today, and the benefits for aspiring laser dentists of the reselection of RWTH Aachen University as a University of Excellence for the third time—the Excellence Initiative seeks to promote the German higher education sector...
Manufacture News
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My practice, my future—current trends on trial
Dr Stefan Grümer, Germany
Under the theme “My practice, my future—current trends on trial”, the 2019 German Dentists’ Day (Deutscher Zahnärztetag) was held at Congress Center Messe in Frankfurt am Main on 8 and 9 November. In keeping with the congress theme, the German Association for Laser Dentistry (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Laserzahnheilkunde–DGL) again hosted a session on the current trends in laser dentistry this year...
Master of Science course “Lasers in Dentistry” offered in 2020
The University of Excellence, RWTH Aachen Uni-versity, has been offering the accredited postgraduate “Lasers in Dentistry” Master of Science programme in collaboration with the AALZ Aachen Dental Laser Center and RWTH International Academy since 2004. In 2020, the programme aimed at dentists who want keep pace with their patient’s wishes for innovative and gentle treat-ment methods will be offered again in Aachen...
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