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Prof Dr S. Nammour, WFLD past-president, Co-Editor-in-Chief
The Use of an Er:YAG Laser in Periodontal Surgery: Clinical Cases with Long-Term Follow-Up
Frank Y.W. Yung, DDS, Canada
While the regimen of scaling and root planing (SRP) remains an essential part of any management of periodontal diseases, there are clinical situations in which the surgical excision of infected tissues or modifications of healthy structures is required after the initial mechanical debridement. Conventional surgical techniques, such as curettage, gingivectomy, full- or split-thickness flap, and other procedures, have been proven to be effective in treating moderate-to-advanced periodontitis,1, 2 but the need to improve postoperative morbidity and control over-treatment outcome have provided the impetus to explore further for better surgical techniques and treatment alternatives...
Finite Element Study on thermal effects in root canals - Lasertreatment with a surface absorbed laser
Norbert Gutknecht, RenŽ Franzen, Friedrich Lampert, Germany
For lasting therapy success on a chronically infected tooth the disinfection of the root canal is of utmost importance. In the conventional therapy the root canal is mechanically enlarged up to 1mm close to up the physiological apex as can be seen on X-rays pictures. This is done by hand or by the use of an ultrasonic system.1 The conventional canal preparation is supported by a lavage, primary by a NaOCl solution, which dissolves organic tissue and acts as a strong disinfection medium...
Dental lasers for soft tissue surgery and periodontics - What we know and what we ve learned
Donald J. Coluzzi, USA
About 1975 medical surgeons began using a new device that complemented and, in some cases, replaced the scalpel. That instrument was a laser, and during the 1980 s a Carbon Dioxide model was a common component in the operating suite. In 1989 the first laser specifically designed for dental use became available. Today there are two dozen indications for use with various dental laser devices; and the clinical applications continue to increase, making the laser one of dentistry s most exciting advances with unique patient benefits. This article will attempt to summarize those laser applications for dental soft tissue and treatment of periodontal disease...
A Novel technique of laser-assisted blood coagulation for tissue regeneration in implant dentistry
Kenneth Luk, Hong Kong
Various laser wavelengths have been demon-strated in assisting implant surgery such as uncovery of implant sites, flap incision, gingival management in restorative phase. Recently, researches in treatment of peri-implantitis and preparation of osteotomy sites with Erbium-doped:Yittrium-Aluminium-Garnet (Er:YAG) lasers have been reported. The Er:YAG laser is used for ablation of dental hard tissue and bone with the benefit in decontamination and removal of smear layer. Er:YAG laser also ablates soft tissue efficiently with low collateral thermal damage but poor in haemostasis. Haemostasis, coagulation and biostimulation in soft tissue management are major advantages in the use of diode laser with 810nm wavelength. The aim of this case report is to demonstrate the effect of laser-assisted blood coagulation (LBC) on soft tissue regeneration in a space between opened flaps prepared by intentional flap-positioning around implant...
Using photobiostimulating lasers in the practice of pediatric dentistry
Lawrence A. Kotlow, USA
There are many peer reviewed articles in the dental literature that have examined the of benefits of hard and soft tissue lasers.1 The use of the Erbium:YAG laser, diodes2 of various wavelengths, carbon3 dioxide lasers as well as lasers used in the past such as the Argon4 and holmium are well accepted through out the world.5, 6 Photobiostimulating lasers which are, non-surgical, non-invasive and use energy levels below .500w. PBS lasers do not require tissue temperature elevation in the target tissue (photothermal effects), but rather create a photo-bio-stimulation (PBS) or modulation effect on the target tissue...
Minimally Invasive Laser Decontamination MILD - A New Procedure for the Treatment of Marginal Periodontopathies and Periimplantitis
Georg Bach (*), Annette Wittmer, Klaus Pelz (**) and Heiner Nagursky (***), Germany(*) Rathausgasse 36, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany(**) Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology at Freiburg University, Germany(***) University Dental Clinic Frei
Even though the concept of photodynamic therapy had already been discovered and described for the first time in 1900 by Paul Ehrlich, the method became generally accepted only hesitantly. Hermann von Tappeiner, a dermatologist from Munich, had defined the clinical approach of the photodynamic therapy as early as 1904...
Using a Soft Tissue Dental Laser to Remove a Venous Lake
Laser Technique “Quo vadis?”
Gerd Volland, Rudolf Walker, Germany
In Germany the Laser technique is very widely spread, with the help of Prof Gutknecht and Prof Lampert. Different wavelengths and more acceptances has been the key to the success of laser in Dentistry. Endodonty, Cavity preparation and Paradontology are only samples of the use of lasers in Dentistry...
The Plan of Development and Advancement of Laser in Dentistry (PDALD)
Reza Fekrazad*, Katayoun AM Kalhori**, Iran (*) DDS, MsÑPeriodontologistÑVice president of Iranian Medical Laser Association (IMLA) and Manager of National Committee of laser in Dentistry in Ministry of Health and Medical Education (PDALD), Department o
WFLD 2010 Dubai Congress in conjunction with AEEDC Dubai 2010
The 12th Congress of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD) will be held in Dubai from 9-11 March 2010 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, parallel to AEEDC¨ Dubai 2010.
Lasers in dentistry introduction in Ajman, UAE very successfulauthor_ Asma Ahmed, UAE
Asma Ahmed, UAE
A Lasers in dentistry introduction Seminar was held at the Ajman Kempinski Hotel in the United Arab Emirates on the 27th June 2009. This event was organized by the Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ), which is the world-renowned specialist in Dental Laser Education since 1991. It offers a number of continuing education courses and the postgraduate master program Lasers in Dentistry therefore helping the dentists to achieve their goal in becoming Specialists in the field of Laser Dentistry...
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