In cooperation with the German Association for Laser Dentistry (DGL) and the International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD), founded in 2018, laser – international magazine of laser dentistry addresses all of those dental professionals worldwide who are using or are interested in dental laser technology. Analogues to the great success of the implants magazine which has been firstly introduced in 2000, the laser magazine also provides regular updates from the world of international laser dentistry in the form of user-orientated case studies, scientific reports as well as custom-made product information focusing on the international laser market. In this context a high focus is being set on reports from international scientific congresses and symposia. The laser magazine keeps the reader up-to-date concerning the international activities of the DGL and ISLD. Laser – international magazine of laser dentistry is being published four times per year.

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Editorial: Sense & sensibility
Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht
When I walked the exhibition grounds of the IDS two and a half months ago, two aspects of the world’s largest dental exhibition were especially touching to me. Firstly, the number of participants and exhibitors has increased significantly over the years...
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Dual-wavelength laser application — Dental-fistula in a primary anterior tooth
Dr Imneet Madan, UAE
Primary teeth play a vital role in setting the healthy pathway towards permanent dentition. The treatment modalities for primary teeth should therefore be in best favour of preserving these teeth until they exfoliate naturally...
Diode-laser assisted vital pulp therapy
Dr Maziar Mir, Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht, Dr Masoud Mojahedi, Dr Jan Tunér &
The preservation of pulp vitality is one of the most challenging approaches in endodontics. In Vital Pulp Therapy (VPT), after pulp exposure due to extensive dental caries, tooth injuries and iatrogenic events, the intact portion and uninflamed dental pulp is preserved with a suitable dressing at the exposure area. The dressing materials are biocompatible or bioactive. 1–3 ...
Treatment of black hairy tongue
Prof. Georgi T. Tomov, Michail Batilas & Pavlos Spyrantis, Bulgaria
Black hairy tongue (BHT) is a benign medical condition characterised by elongated filiform papillae with typical appearance of the dorsum of the tongue. 1 Its prevalence varies ranging from 0.6 to 11.3 per cent. 2–4 Known predisposing factors include smoking, excessive coffee/black tea consumption, poor oral hygiene, xerostomia, and antibiotics use. 5,6...
Laser in soft tissue treatment
Hans-Joachim Koort, Germany
The combination of a 975 nm diode laser and a 2.2 MHz radio frequency generator in one device (LaserHF; MedLas Medical) has proven to be a unique and valuable solution for the dental soft tissue management. In search for optimal instruments for dental soft tissue treatment both laser and radio frequency devices have shown a satisfying performance. In both technologies, the rapid and locally precise heating of soft tissue is used for cutting as well as for coagulating...
Laser-assisted herpes labialis therapy — Simple, fast and long-lasting
Dr Darius Moghtader, Germany
Quae medicamenta non sanant , ferrum sanat, quae ferrum non sanat, ignis sanat” (What medicines cannot cure, iron cures; what iron cannot cure, fire cures)—When Hippocrates uttered these words around 400 BC, he must have thought of skin dis - eases, amongst others...
Sealer placement in lateral/accessory canals — Utilising the Nd:YAP laser
Dr He-Kyong Kang & Dr John Palanci, USA
n 1967, Schilder 1 had postulated that the final objective of endodontic procedures should be the total three-dimensional filling of the root canals and all accessory canals, in addition to the elimination of all organic debris, bacteria, and bacterial toxin. Therefore, the ability of filling lateral canals has been regarded as a measure of the endodontic treatment quality...
Successful communication in your daily practicePart II: Curious patients
Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos, Germany & Cyprus
Welcome to the 2 nd part of the new communication series; the series that includes the most popular and challenging scenarios that might occur in your dental practice with helpful tips of how you can deal with them so your patients always leave your practice feeling: “My dentist is THE BEST!”...
Marketing dentistry in a global economy
Chris Barrow, UK
"In an information-rich world, the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes. What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” These prophetic lines were shared by Nobel laureate and social scientist Dr Herbert Simon in 1971. It seems incredible to think that his words predate the Internet by 20 years...
This year’s IDS sets new record in attendees
More than 155,000 people from 157 countries visited the International Dental Show (IDS) this year, according to final figures released by organiser Koelnmesse. This is an increase of 12 per cent compared with IDS 2015. Furthermore, the number of international attendees rose by almost 20 per cent to around 60 per cent...
4th international SGOLA Congress
Timo Krause, Germany
On 1 April 2017, fortbildungROSENBERG and SGOLA (Swiss Society for Oral Laser Applications) held their 4 th International Congress at the Marriott Hotel in Zurich/Switzerland. The congress title was “Laser in the Dental Practice: Focussing on Innovation and Evidence”...
Bringing laser to sunlight — 6 th WFLD-ED Congress
WFLD-ED 2017
Save the date: September 2017 will bring laser to sunlight with the joint event of the 6 th WFLD-ED Congress and the 5 th WALED Congress being held in sunny Thessaloniki, Greece. Organising Committee Chairman Dr Dimitris Strakas, Scientific Committee Chairman Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht and AALZ Business Development Manager Leon Vanweersch took the time to shine a light on the exclusive features of this special congress in the following interview...
Manufacturer News
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Editorial: Effizienz & Innovation
Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht
Als ich vor zweieinhalb Monaten über die Ausstellungsfläche der IDS gelaufen bin, haben mich zwei Aspekte besonders berührt. Zum einen ist die Zahl der Teilnehmer an der IDS und die Menge der Aussteller gestiegen, zum anderen nehmen die Innovationen und digitalen Technologien einen immer breiteren Raum ein. Der Beruf des Zahnarztes (vormals eine rein mechanische Arbeitsweise) wird zunehmend ein Kom mandoplatz, umgeben von den unterschiedlichsten Technologien ? so auch den neuen modernen Lasergeräten. Wenn man meinte, nur vier oder fünf Laserhersteller auf dieser Ausstellung anzutreffen, so musste man sich bei dem Blick ins Ausstellerverzeichnis eines Besseren belehren lassen..
Laserzahnheilkunde – Was geht und was nicht
Am 23. Juni 2017 fi ndet der DGL-Kongress erstmalig in Form eines Workshops im Universitätsklinikum Aachen statt. Dieser Workshop-Kongress soll alle interessierten Anwender im Bereich der Laserzahnmedizin sowohl theoretisch als auch praktisch mit den täglichen Herausforderungen des Lasers konfrontieren...
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