In cooperation with the German Association for Laser Dentistry (DGL) and the International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD), founded in 2018, laser – international magazine of laser dentistry addresses all of those dental professionals worldwide who are using or are interested in dental laser technology. Analogues to the great success of the implants magazine which has been firstly introduced in 2000, the laser magazine also provides regular updates from the world of international laser dentistry in the form of user-orientated case studies, scientific reports as well as custom-made product information focusing on the international laser market. In this context a high focus is being set on reports from international scientific congresses and symposia. The laser magazine keeps the reader up-to-date concerning the international activities of the DGL and ISLD. Laser – international magazine of laser dentistry is being published four times per year.

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Prof. Norbert Gutknecht
As sunlight consists of different wavelengths and can only in this composition of wavelengths serve the vital biological requirements, future-oriented laser users have to learn that, although the application of a wavelength is important and good, the same wavelength cannot fulfil all biological and therapeutic demands. Based on this insight, the future of laser dentistry will be associated with the combination of specific wavelengths.
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Preventive approach in paediatric dentistry using Er:YAG laser
Ani Belcheva, Maria Shindova & Georgi Tomov, Bulgaria
Modern dentistry has focused on preventive methods and conservative techniques to apply less-invasive procedures to tooth structure.1 Awareness towards the importance of preserving tooth tissue combined with a patient-friendly approach is becoming self-evident. It has been shown that operative dental treatment often leads to an increasing scale of more surgical and invasive treatments. Whenever possible, tissue should be preserved, and invasive treatment should be kept to a minimum. The best way to ensure maximum life for the natural tooth is to respect the healthy tissue and protect it from being damaged by using minimally-invasive techniques in restorative dentistry.2 ...
Conservative management of a large salivary calculus in the submandibular gland
Dr Habib Zarifeh, Dr Najwa Karam & Dr Nada el Osta, Lebanon
Surgical management of salivary gland diseases has always been challenging because it carries a considerable risk of nerve damage, pain and complications. This case report presents an innovative ambulatory laser-assisted technique with the use of the Erbium laser (Er;Cr:YSGG, 2,780 nm) that could be an alternative method for removal of sialolithiasis...
Laser-assisted osseointegration with a diode laser in Type I implant placement
Dr Maziar Mir, Prof. Norbert Gutknecht, Dr Masoud Mojahedi, Dr Jan Tunér, Prof. Ramin Mosharraf & Dr Masoud Shabani, Germany, Sweden & Iran
Implant placement is conventionally performed after healing of the extraction socket. However, with this method, undesirable outcomes can occur owing to the substantial period that elapses before clinicians can continue treatment, for example a reduction in bone level and the collapse of soft tissue. These unwanted results can compromise aesthetics in the anterior region significantly. Therefore, immediate (Type I) implant placement can be a golden opportunity to preserve the aesthetics. Fear of failure, especially in the case of an infected socket, is the greatest barrier to selecting Type I implant placement.1–5...
Treatment of mucocele with the Er:YAG laserA case report
Foteini Papanastasopoulou, Greece
Mucocele is a mucosal swelling due to a rupture of a salivary gland duct and accumulation of mucin in the surrounding soft tissue. It is a common lesion of the oral mucosa in children and young adults and often caused by local trauma. The size of the mucocele can range from 1 mm to a few centimetres and is asymptomatic. The most common area of appearance is the lower lip. Some mucoceles heal spontaneously after rupture. However, chronic lesions are treated by local surgical excision, cryotherapy and laser surgery...
Manufacturer News
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The new BIOLASE: Practice growth ‘assured’
Sierra Rendon, USA
You may hear or see that phrase this year and wonder, what exactly does that mean? In 2015, BIOLASE, a leader in the dental laser industry, has a new focus on placing customers first; new and improved products, such as the WaterLase iPlus and Epic X; and a new industry-first, ground-breaking Practice Growth Guarantee...
Gain power at your laser clinics! Process
Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos, Germany & Cyprus
Today, as a sequel of our previous articles we will introduce you to the last P of our 7 P’s of Marketing Mix. With these series of articles my ultimate goal is to give dentists and dental professionals a basic guideline of the marketing options available which they can directly implement to their clinical routine. Starting with this easy strategy, I will teach you how you can implement these methods at your own clinic as well as understand their value and power and thus change your professional life...
Biggest IDS of all time in Cologne: Growth in the number of visitors, exhibitors and exhibition space
After achieving a record result, the 36th International Dental Show (IDS) that was characterised by an excellent atmosphere closed its doors in Cologne after five days. Around 138,500 trade visitors from 151 countries attended the world's leading trade fair of the dental industry, which corresponded to an increase of almost eleven per cent compared to the previous event. IDS also achieved new records in terms of the number of exhibitors and the exhibition space sold. 2,201 companies ( 6.9 pe rcent) from 56 countries presented a wealth of innovations, product developments and services on exhibition space covering 157,000 square meters ( 6.2 per cent). With an over 70 per cent share of foreign exhibitors (2013: 68 per cent) and a 17 per cent increase in the number of trade visitors from abroad the level of internationality of the event was once again significantly increased. At the same time, the number of trade visitors from Germany also increased markedly in comparison to 2013 ( 4.3 per cent)...
The DGL invites to its 24th International Annual Meeting
The laser market can currently be viewed as very positive—this is reflected in a wide range of modern and highly efficient new laser systems. The effort to further integrate laser dentistry into the individual disciplines, such as implantology, periodontics or endodontics, the acceptance of lasers in dentistry will be even more successful.
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Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht
So wie das Sonnenlicht aus den unterschiedlichsten Wellenlängen besteht und auch nur in dieser Zusammensetzung unterschiedlicher Wellenlängen die vitalen biologischen Anforderungen bedienen kann, so müssen auch zukunftsorientierte Laseranwender verstehen lernen, dass die Anwendung einer Wellenlänge zwar sehr wichtig und gut sein kann, dieselbe Länge aber nicht alle biologischen und therapeutischen Anforderungen erfüllt. Die Laserzahnheilkunde der Zukunft wird deshalb mit der gezielten Kombination von Wellenlängen assoziiert sein.
Manufacturer News
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Die DGL lädt ein zur 24. Internationalen Jahrestagung
Der Lasermarkt kann derzeit in vielerlei Hinsicht auf eine außerordentlich positive Bilanz verweisen. Nicht zuletzt spiegelt sich dies in einem breiten Angebot an modernen und sehr effizienten Lasern wieder. Mit dem Bestreben, die Laserzahnmedizin künftig stärker in die einzelnen Fachgebiete wie Implantologie, Parodontologie oder Endo-dontologie zu integrieren, wird es noch besser gelingen, dem Laser den ihm gebührenden Platz innerhalb der modernen Zahnmedizin zu erkämpfen...
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