Das in Kooperation der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Laserzahnheilkunde e.V. (DGL) und der 2018 gegründeten International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD) herausgegebene Magazin stellt sich in den Dienst des internationalen Know-how-Transfers in der Laserzahnmedizin. Analog zu dem seit 2000 sehr erfolgreich weltweit verlegten Magazin implants erhalten die Leser durch anwenderorientierte Fallberichte, wissenschaftliche Studien und komprimierte Produkt- und Veranstaltungsinformationen ein regelmäßiges Update aus der Welt der internationalen  Laserzahnmedizin. Einen besonderen Stellenwert haben in diesem Zusammenhang vor allem Berichte über die international stattfindenden Fachkongresse und Symposien sowie die internationalen Aktivitäten der DGL und ISLD. laser – international magazine of laser dentistry erscheint vierteljährlich und in englischer Sprache (BE).

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Dr Georg Bach, Guest Editor
Globalization progresses steadily and has also found its way into laser dentistry. This issue of laser—the international magazine of laser dentistry is going to proof this thesis...
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LLLT activated latent TGF-b1
Tristan Hunt, Eason Hahm & Praveen Arany, USA
A potential molecular pathway mediating the nexus between inflammation and wound healing in oral tissues.
Lasers in dental Traumatology
Claudia Caprioglio, Italy
Dental traumas are frequent in children. They can be complex events and sometimes real emergencies. Traumatic injuries involve all the branches of dentistry (endodontics, restorative, periodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics) so that traumatology can be considered a multidisciplinary discipline...
Electrotome and Er:YAG laser
Dr Anastasios Manos & Prof Nicolaos Parisis, Greece
A comparison of the temperature changes in subperiostal bone and the risk for bone damage during frenectomies
Implant exposure with Er:YAG laser (?=2,940 nm)
Dr Gerd Volland, Germany
A comparison with lasers of different wavelengths
Laser endodontic therapy using 940 nm diode laser
Dr Pradhan Suchetan & Dr Karnik Rohit, India
Temperature rise on external root surface (Part I)
Diode lasers: the soft tissue handpiece
Dr Fay Goldstep, Canada
Dental lasers have been commercially available for several decades. They have been thoroughly documented in the dental literature. Lasers are an exciting technology, widely used in medicine, kind to tissues, and excellent for healing. So why have they not been more widely embraced by the practicing dentist? There is a wide perception that the dental laser is not useful, too complicated, and too expensive. This has changed with the arrival of the diode laser onto the dental scene. There is now a convergence of documented scientific evidence, ease of use and greater affordability that makes the diode laser a “must have” for the dental practice...
From the first working laser until now - Part II
Ingmar Ingenegeren, Germany
Javan, Basov, Hall, Holonyak, Zhores and others
Graduation of the 10th year of the master programme “Lasers in Dentistry”
Dajana Klöckner, Germany
With the completion of the tenth course of the master programme “Lasers in Dentistry” participants celebrated their graduation from RWTH Aachen University on 24 April 2010. Ten graduates from six, mostly Arabic nations were awarded the master certificates in a festive ceremony...
First year of Mastership Course “Lasers in Dentistry” graduated successfully
Dajana Klöckner, Germany
On 20 March 2010, 40 international dentists successfully finished the first course of the one-year Mastership Course on RWTH Aachen University. Among the participants were German, Swedish, Norwegian and Iranian laser specialists. The German dentists received a joint certificate from the RWTH Aachen University and the German Society for Laser Dentistry (DGL). The Scandinavian participants were coordinated by the local Scientific Coworker of AALZ Dr Peter Fahlstedt, MSc in Stockholm and obtained a certificate from the RWTH Aachen University and the Nordic Dental Laser Society (NDLS). The Iranian dentists were guided from the AALZ Scientific Coworker Dr Alireza Fallah, MSc. Both laser specialists successfully graduated in 2008 with the Master of Science degree “Lasers in Dentistry” from the RWTH Aachen University...
Cyprus invited out to laser
Dajana Klöckner, Germany
In February AALZ Cyprus set a milestone in Laser education with the completion of three very successfully completed events. Two lectures with a total of 65 participants were held at the KES College in Nicosia for their Beautician students in the last semesters. AALZ Cyprus Ltd. is a research & training centre, which is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was founded to develop laser treatments in Cyprus. It is a franchise of the German AALZ (Aachen Dental Laser Center), a worldwide center with famous international professors as partners. Since its foundation in 1991 AALZ has been the leading specialist in the field of laser trainings and was the first dental laser education institute in Europe...
UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental ExhibitionWFLD took part at AEEDC 2010
WFLD took part at AEEDC 2010
International events
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