Das in Kooperation der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Laserzahnheilkunde e.V. (DGL) und der 2018 gegründeten International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD) herausgegebene Magazin stellt sich in den Dienst des internationalen Know-how-Transfers in der Laserzahnmedizin. Analog zu dem seit 2000 sehr erfolgreich weltweit verlegten Magazin implants erhalten die Leser durch anwenderorientierte Fallberichte, wissenschaftliche Studien und komprimierte Produkt- und Veranstaltungsinformationen ein regelmäßiges Update aus der Welt der internationalen  Laserzahnmedizin. Einen besonderen Stellenwert haben in diesem Zusammenhang vor allem Berichte über die international stattfindenden Fachkongresse und Symposien sowie die internationalen Aktivitäten der DGL und ISLD. laser – international magazine of laser dentistry erscheint vierteljährlich und in englischer Sprache (BE).

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Editorial: Laser application in modern dentistry
Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht
Dear colleagues and DGL members, laser dentistry in Germany has made quite extraordinary progress. The German Association for Laser Dentistry (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Laserzahnheilkunde?DGL) was founded in 1991 in Stuttgart, Germany, as one of the first expert societies dedicated to laser dentistry. During a time when lasers were often frowned upon and viewed with incomprehension, practitioners and scientists en-gaging in research at universities focused their efforts on this topic. Painstakingly, one indication after another was integrated into practice workflows and treatment processes by means of scientific studies and clinical experiences. Ultimately, this scientific approach led to the DGL being admitted into the circle of organisations associated with the DGZMK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde)...
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Reducing microleakage with Er,Cr:YSGG and/or Nd:YAG lasers
Drs Mina Mazandarani, Maziar Mir & Masoud Shabani, Iran; Prof. Norbert Gutknecht, Germany
In endodontics, effective cleaning of the root canal sys-tem is essential for ensuring successful root canal therapy with long-lasting treatment outcomes.1–3 During endo-dontic instrumentation, various morphological changes occur on the root canal walls, including organic and mineral debris4–7 and smear layer formation.2,4,7 ...
Innovative endodontics using SWEEPS technology
Drs Giovanni Olivi1,2, Linhlan Nguyen1, Matteo Olivi2 & Jason Pang1, Italy & Australia
Conventional endodontic treatment is based on different phases, resulting in the elimination of acute or chronic inflammation of the pulp and periapical area (Table 1).1–3The different phases of the therapy are: ....
Photo-biomodulation with a 970 nm wavelength laser
Drs Tony Cheuk Kit Lee & Kenneth Luk, China
A 16-year-old male patient presented with Class II Divi-sion I malocclusion with a buccally positioned maxillary left canine which was transposed with a short-rooted maxillary left first premolar (Figs. 1a & b). The orthodontic treatment plan involved extraction of the left and right first premolars and the retained maxillary left primary canine to reduce the 5.5 mm overjet and improve alignment of the maxillary and mandibular dentition...
Practice strategies in the age of corona
Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos, Germany & Cyprus
We have all been facing an extremely unknown and difficult situation these past few weeks and yes, it is completely normal to be afraid and feel worried about your clinic’s future in the post-coronavirus era. I would like to begin with a quote from Nelson Mandela, who said: “When conditions change, you must change your strat-egy and your mind. That’s not indecisiveness, that’s pragmatism.”...
Laser-assisted prophylaxisaround zirconia implants
France-based dentist Dr Fabrice Baudot has special-ised in periodontics, laser-assisted surgery and implant dentistry and has a particular interest in zirconia implants. In this interview with laser, Dr Fabrice Baudot, founding member and scientific leader of the European Academy of Ceramic Implantology (EACim), explains why dental lasers have become an essential part of his daily practice and sheds light on the clinical benefits of combining laser-assisted surgery and ceramic implantology...
Master of Science course “Lasers in Dentistry” offered again
The University of Excellence, RWTH Aachen University, has been offering the accredited postgraduate “Lasers in Dentistry” Master of Science programme in collaboration with the AALZ Aachen Dental Laser Center and RWTH International Academy since 2004. This year, the programme aimed at dentists who want keep pace with their patient’s wishes for innovative and gentle treat-ment methods will be offered again in Aachen, Germany...
Diagnostics, implants, bone and tissue - What’s possible with dental lasers?
There is a wide range of effcient and state-of-the-art laser systems being offered on the dental market today. In countless dental clinics around the world, the laser is considered an essential part of the clinic’s armamentarium. No wonder, because the advantages associated with laser-assisted procedures are multi-faceted. For one thing, procedures can be carried out in a more effcient and gentle fashion by means of lasers, as opposed to conventional treatment methods...
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laser international magazine of laser dentistry
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