In cooperation with the German Association for Laser Dentistry (DGL) and the International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD), founded in 2018, laser – international magazine of laser dentistry addresses all of those dental professionals worldwide who are using or are interested in dental laser technology. Analogues to the great success of the implants magazine which has been firstly introduced in 2000, the laser magazine also provides regular updates from the world of international laser dentistry in the form of user-orientated case studies, scientific reports as well as custom-made product information focusing on the international laser market. In this context a high focus is being set on reports from international scientific congresses and symposia. The laser magazine keeps the reader up-to-date concerning the international activities of the DGL and ISLD. Laser – international magazine of laser dentistry is being published four times per year.

Themen der aktuellen Ausgabe 01/2019

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Editorial: Welcome to the European Capital of Culture
Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht
It is a great honour and a pleasure for me to invite you to our ISLD Congress in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, for an unforgettable experience of technology and culture going hand in hand to create an outstanding event. I am also very happy about the decision for DGL to join ISLD by executing their annual congress together with the ISLD in Plovdiv...
Dr Maziar Mir, Prof. Norbert Gutknecht, Dr Masoud Mojahedi, Dr Jan Tunér, Prof. Ramin Mosharraf, Sevda Noori & Dr Masoud Shabani
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Amalgam tattoo removal with diode laser
Dr Maziar Mir, Prof. Norbert Gutknecht, Dr Masoud Mojahedi, Germany; Dr Jan Tunér, Sweden; Prof. Ramin Mosharraf, Sevda Noori & Dr Masoud Shabani, Iran
An amalgam tattoo belongs to the group of common pigmented lesions in the oral cavity. Such tattoos are created through emergence of amalgam particles into the damaged oral mucosa during placement of amalgam fillings or a discolouring of the soft tissue close to the amalgam filling over time. Clinically, amalgam tattoos appear as bluish-black or bluish-grey lesions on the oral mucosa, most commonly on the gingival surfaces, alveolar mucosa and buccal mucosa...
Apicectomy of an endodontically compromised central incisor
Drs Georgi T. Tomov & Mutlu S. Turkkan, Bulgaria
The following article presents a case of Er:YAG laser-assisted surgical removal of a fractured endodontic instrument from the periapical region of a maxillary central incisor...
The use of the Er:YAG laser in aesthetic dentistry
Prof. Roly Kornblit, Italy
The attractiveness of a face depends on a variety of different features and arrangements, with the eyes and smile being among the most important contributing factors. Nowadays, aesthetics plays a significant role in modern dentistry. Several features, such as colour, shape, position and length of the teeth, must be considered when it comes to assessing whether a smile is harmonious.
Laser enucleation of a radicular cyst with the PIPS protocol
Dr Betül Göfteci, Turkey
The most frequent odontogenic cyst in tooth-bearing areas is the radicular cyst, also called a periapical cyst.1, 2It arises from epithelial cell rests of Malassez in the periodontal ligament as a result of inflammation.3, 4 Radicular cysts may be seen with irreversible pulpitis, root fracture, periodontal disease and apical periodontitis, and with or without fistulae...
A simple design improvement of Waterlase iPlus©
Peter Hünnebeck, Dr Sophia Hünnebeck, Germany & Dr Roland Ventura, Ireland
he Waterlase iPlus (Biolase) is a convenient and multipurpose dental laser system including a handpiece which is connected to the laser by a fibre delivery system. The delivery system is raised by a telescopic fibre support arm attached to the laser body, which gives the dentist a defined range of motion. Used on a daily basis in dental treatment procedures, the presence of a laser system can reduce the workspace that is available to the dental staff due to its close proximity to the dentist...
Successful communication in your daily practice
Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos, Germany & Cyprus
This series covers the most common and challenging scenarios that might arise in your dental practice and presents successful ways to deal with them in order for you to gain peace of mind. Each article of this series teaches you a new, easy-to-use specialised protocol that can be adapted to your own dental clinic’s requirements and needs right from the start. Today’s challenging topic is how to address deterioration of a new employee’s performance and, instead, find ways to boost it...
On unifying the laser family
Georg Isbaner, Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht
In this interview, Georg Isbaner, editor of laser—international magazine of laser dentistry, spoke with DGL/ISLD President Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht about the success of the 16th WFLD World Congress in Aachen in 2018, as well as current trends and future developments in laser dentistry.
Laserschutzkurs der DGL
Hinsichtlich der Anforderungen, die an die Ausbildungsseminare zum Laserschutzbeauftragten, oder kurz „Laserschutzkurs“, gestellt werden, ist festzustellen, dass diese sich in den letzten Jahren deutlich verschärft haben. Achten Sie als Interessent, der seine Sachkunde auffrischen möchte, darauf, dass die Anforderungen nach der aktuell gültigen OStrV erfüllt sind. Hier wird explizit gefordert, dass die Kurse eine Mindestdauer nicht unterschreiten – und dies gilt auch für bereits fachlich einschränkende Kurse, z. B. für das Gebiet der Zahnheilkunde. An allgemein gültige Kurse, mit denen auch Laserschutzbeauftragte in allen Anwendungen befähigt werden sollen, werden noch höhere Anforderungen gestellt. Als Zahnmediziner genügt für Sie natürlich der auf die Zahnheilkunde abgestellte Kurs!
Ceramic implants—Game changer in implant dentistry
On 10 and 11 May 2019, the 5thAnnual Meeting of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) will take place on the premises of the Constance Clinic under the theme “Ceramic Implants—Game Changer in Implantology”. Renowned speakers and participants will discuss practical experiences and current trends in the use of ceramic implants on both congress days. With its 5th annual conference, ISMI—founded in January 2014 in Constance, Germany—would like to push boundaries and offer new insights into a particularly innovative field of implantology...
Prophylaxis works and offers future potential
The dentists have chosen the right path in the field of dental prophylaxis. Over the past years, the Fifth German Oral Health Survey (DMS V) has recorded a significant reduction in tooth decay among children and youths in Germany and less toothless old-age pensioners aged between 65 and 74. The aim is now to secure and consistently expand the achieved success...
Plovdiv to become European Capital of Laser Dentistry
In 2019, the beautiful city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, will not only become the European Capital of Culture, but also the European Capital of Laser Dentistry. After the huge success of last year’s 16th World Congress in Laser Dentistry in Aachen, Germany, the International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD) invites participants from all over the world to their 17th International Congress, which will be held in Plovdiv this summer—from 6 to 8 June 2019. Since new technologies are rapidly evolving at the moment and new ways of applying these technological innovations in the daily clinical practice are constantly being developed, the overriding theme of the event was cho-sen to be “Laser Technologies and Translation to Clinical Practice”, addressing two major challenges in the field of laser dentistry. International researchers and clinicians who helped shape the world of laser dentistry in the past two decades have joined their efforts to develop an exceptional scientific congress programme, which includes round table debates, workshops, and short oral presen-tation sessions addressing cutting edge topics...
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