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Since 2000, the magazine implants: international magazine of oral implantology has been published quarterly with a circulation of 10,000 copies. With a readership that spans over 100 countries, implants has become one of the scientific journals with the highest circulation on the dental market. Implants is published in cooperation with the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI e.V.) - one of the oldest scientific implantological expert associations in Europe, which aims to leverage its international know-how and expertise in the field of dental implantology. The readers receive regular updates on the world of international implantology by means of user-oriented case studies, scientific reports as well as summarised product information. The magazine is particularly focussing on reports from international scientific congresses and symposia as well as on the international activities of the German Association of Dental Implantology whoseregular and associated members are part of a network which includes more than 11,000 specialists from the field of implantology. More than 80 per cent of the magazine’s circulation is shipped directly to its members and subscribers. Moreover, specimen copies of implants are available at more than 50 international fairs and congresses. Implants: international magazine of oral implantology is published in English.

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Dr Rolf Vollmer
The German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI) is one of the most traditional European dental implantology associations. From the very beginning, as practitioners, we have provided decisive impulses without which modern implantology would not be conceivable today as one of the absolute trend disciplines of modern dentistry...
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Titanium and its alloys in dental implantology
Drs Roland Masa & Gábor Braunitzer, Hungary
In contemporary prosthodontics, the use of dental implants is as self-evident as any other established method. Titanium (Ti) and its alloys are still the most widely used materials for dental and orthopaedic applications. 1, 2 ...
Rehabilitation of edentulous patients
Dr Nikolaos Papagiannoulis, Germany
The prosthetic rehabilitation is the last step in implant therapy. The ageing of the population, the demand for aesthetics and functionality at advanced ages, and the establishment of implants as a regular therapy increase the edentulous situations that must be treated yearly...
Rehabilitation of edentulous archesThe Double FiRe Bridge
Dr Marco Montanari, Claudio Sassatelli & Davide Nadalini, Italy
Implantology allows the restoration of missing or lost teeth by supporting fixed prostheses or anchoring removable prostheses...
Digital workflow: From planning to restoration
Jan Kielhorn, Siegfried Hoelzer & Björn Roland, Germany
High-quality treatment results that are individual to each patient can be drawn up for the edentulous jaw in the combination of innovative procedures for implant surgery and reasoned prosthetic concepts. In this article, the authors describe the digital workflow for the tried-and-tested immediate restoration concept SKY fast & fixed and discuss the possibilities of transverse screwing, amongst others...
A clinical comparison β-tricalcium phosphate vs hydroxyapatite ceramics
Private lecturer Dr Dr Arwed Ludwig & Dr Gregor Thomas, Germany
The topic of bone substitution or bone regeneration, xenografts, allografts or biomimetic materials are discussed very controversially in the OMF surgery at times. However, the progress and good clinical experiences made with biomimetic materials during the last two decades are undisputed. The present observational study compares two established bone augmentation materials of different chemistry and struc - ture in a direct, indication-related way. The mentioned study cases show that both material types are able to support the surgical work substantially, considering the respective task...
Manufacture News
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“Implantology is a field of opportunities”
Lately, Anthogyr introduced its newest product to the dental audience, the Axiom® Multi Level® system. At this year?s EAO congress in Madrid, Spain, implants spoke to Anthogyr CEO Éric Genève about the new system, the company?s collaboration with Straumann, and future plans.
Putting TiUnite to the test
Having been involved with dental implantology from the very beginning, Prof. Tomas Albrektsson was a keen observer when Nobel Biocare launched its moderately rough TiUnite surface in 2000. Now, 17 years on, he is the co-author of a landmark meta- analysis analysing all prospective studies since published on the surface—106 papers in total, featuring over 12,000 TiUnite implants. 1 Here, he explains the significance of the findings.
47th DGZI International Annual Congress
Dr Georg Bach, Germany
On 29 and 30 September 2017 , the 47 th DGZI International Annual Congress was held in Berlin, Germany. 60 speakers from eight countries had been invited to discuss the rather provocative question of “Does biology still matter? ” taking a closer look at the controversial topic from all its facets. The scientific board was chaired by DGZI President Prof. Dr Herbert Deppe and DGZI Vice President Dr Roland Hille.
AAID congress in San Diego
Dr Rolf Vollmer, Germany
From 11 to 14 October 2017 , the 66 th Annual Educa- tional Conference of the AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) was held in San Diego, USA. More than 1,000 implant dentistry professionals came from across the globe to attend the event. As AAID representatives stated, this was a record number. The many international attendees gathered to learn from fellow practitioners and the industry’s most renowned experts. The German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI) was also present with its 1 st Vice President Dr Rolf Vollmer, the international represen- tative Dr Mazen Tamimi and the DGZI US representa- tive Prof. Dr Suheil Boutros.
Hot programme for EAO meeting in Madrid
Dental Tribune International
Under a blue Spanish sky and with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees, the 26 th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) was held at the Feria de Madrid fairgrounds. Attendees had little time to enjoy the sun, however, as the event had plenty to offer from 5 to 7 October. With over 600 papers, guests could learn more about the latest concepts and clinical techniques in dental implantology and oral rehabilitation...
“Science meets Practice” Frankfurt Implantology Days 2018
Implantologists, maxillofacial or oral surgeons interested in bone regeneration should save the date for a special event in the upcoming year: On 28 April 2018, the new edition of the “Frankfurt Implantology Days” (FIT) will take place in Frankfurt/Main...
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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