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Editorial: ”Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
Patient requirements and oral reality
Annette Felderhoff, Hans Geiselhöringer, Germany
This case describes a combined surgical-prosthetic rehabilitation of the upper and lower jaw. Because of a severe loss of both bone and soft-tissue, the vertical dimension of the jaw had to be reconstructed. The treatment was planned in advance using a combined technique of computer technology and medical knowledge. A surgical template based on CT-data was fabricated to determine the appropriate position of the implants and the prosthodontics. This procedure allowed us to fulfil the patient s demands: tight-fitting dentures, minimally invasive surgery, and immediate loading. We give a detailed account of the procedure in the lower jaw...
Immediate Implant Placement optimizes anterior esthetics - clinical considerations and case report
Frank C. Lazar, Hans-Jürgen Hartmann, Alexandra Steup, Germany
The outcome of esthetic implant-supported tooth restorations in the anterior region of the upper jaw is the greatest challenge both surgeons and prosthodontists are confronted with. The conclusive scientific evidence over the past decade showed invariably that hard and soft tissue loss following tooth extraction can only be prevented by immediate implants. Although their indications are limited in the anterior maxilla, immediate implants should always be considered when an upper incisor would have to be extracted...
Bone Tissue Engineering with BMPs: Are there any advantages of using rhBMP-2 instead of DBM (demineralized bone graft) and the transplantation of autogenous bone?
Karl-Heinz Schuckert, Stefan Jopp, Germany
For a long time all bone surgery fields have been working on bone reconstruction. The techniques of augmentation as well as the necessary materials have been subject to big change lately. At present, quite a number of bony defects are still reconstructed by transplantation of autogenous bone. Furthermore, synthetic materials as well as allogene and xenogene substances and, just recently, growth factors like bone morphogenetic proteins, were used.1-11 For oral and cranio-maxillofacial surgery, diverse articles on these various materials were published for appraisal. Please refer to the latest paper of Horch and Pautke...
A Predictable Procedure for Managing the Resorbed Posterior Maxilla with Short, Sintered Porous-Surfaced Dental Implants: Sintered porous-surfaced implants achieve integration by bone ingrowth into the porous outer surface zone.
Many patients with minimal subantral bone height can be more easily and less expensively managed with the indirect sinus elevation approach...
Predictable 3-D-face-reconstruction using facial and dental implants
Manfred Nilius, Germany
Surgery of craniofacial deformities is a complex task that requires careful preoperative planning. In this field Nobel-Guide¨-System made a great impact of predictable implantology. Using these for computer-aided surgery (CAS) the patient outcome of extreme dental and facial makeovers can be anticipated. The following case report shows new indications for dental implants by using Nobel-Guide¨-System for fixation of a prefabricated ”Implant Guided Palatinal DistractorÓ (IGPD) and for an implant bridge. Thus, embedding dental implantation in maxillofacial procedures like LeFort osteotomy, forced guided palatinal distraction, chin augmentation and septorhinoplasty can be performed in a single-step operation. Operation time and costs can be reduced.
Annual Congress of DGZI in Düsseldorf was again a great success
On October 5-6, 2007, the 37th International Annual Congress of DGZI was held in the congress center of the Düsseldorf Hilton Hotel. The general theme was ”Implantology ? biological principles and technical possibilitiesÓ. Experts from Germany and abroad discussed the questions of the future of implant dentistry with 600 participants.
6th Biennial Conference of the Australasian Osseointegration Society
From October 18 to 20, 2007, our affiliate society AOS (Australasian Osseointegration Society) held its 6th Annual Conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne. The DGZI executive board was represented by Dr. Rolf Vollmer, its Vice-President. In his opening speech Dr. Victor Kiven, acting President, welcomed the attending affiliate societies AO (Academy of Osseointegration) and DGZI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Implantologie e.V.)...
The Thommen Medical Satellite Symposium was complete successful
Thommen Medical AG, the recently incorporated Swiss company which operates in the area of oral implantology, held another innovative and attractive advanced training day for dental surgeons and dental technicians in the Stage One Event & Convention Hall in Zurich. Following the two successful ”Focus on Oral Implantology I and IIÓ symposia held in the years 2003 and 2005, Thommen Medical is back with another first class advanced training event...
Selected Events 2008
DGZI Implant Dentistry Award
Roland P. H. Hille, Germany
The famous ”Apollo Theater" in Düsseldorf was the setting for this year s DGZI Implant Dentistry Awards, a distinction conferred for only the second time in DGZI history. The DGZI s scientific advisory board awarded 20,000 in prize money in conjunction with the awards. For the first time ever, the DGZI Award was held in honor of the 35-year anniversary of the DGZI 2005 in Berlin.
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