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Since 2000, the magazine implants: international magazine of oral implantology has been published quarterly with a circulation of 10,000 copies. With a readership that spans over 100 countries, implants has become one of the scientific journals with the highest circulation on the dental market. Implants is published in cooperation with the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI e.V.) - one of the oldest scientific implantological expert associations in Europe, which aims to leverage its international know-how and expertise in the field of dental implantology. The readers receive regular updates on the world of international implantology by means of user-oriented case studies, scientific reports as well as summarised product information. The magazine is particularly focussing on reports from international scientific congresses and symposia as well as on the international activities of the German Association of Dental Implantology whoseregular and associated members are part of a network which includes more than 11,000 specialists from the field of implantology. More than 80 per cent of the magazine’s circulation is shipped directly to its members and subscribers. Moreover, specimen copies of implants are available at more than 50 international fairs and congresses. Implants: international magazine of oral implantology is published in English.

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Editorial: Does biology still matter?
Prof. (CAI) Dr Roland Hille Vice President of the DGZI
On 29 and 30 September 2017, the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI) and dental implant professionals will meet for the 47th International Annual Congress in Berlin, Germany. At the heart of the two day congress stands the question of “Does biology still matter?” ...
Congresses, courses and symposia
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Immediate restoration in the digital workflow: Results and discussion (Part II)
José Eduardo Maté Sánchez de Val & José Luis Calvo Guirado, Spain
The success of immediately placed implants has been investigated in various studies with encouraging results already. But what is rather simple in the anterior mandible needs more attention when it comes to the anterior maxilla. Here, clinicians are oftentimes concerned not only about achieving adequate implant stability, but also about fulfilling patients’ desires for aesthetic results that resemble the natural dentition...
Natural preservation of the emergence profile
Dr Umut Baysal & Dr Arzu Tuna, Germany
Supplying single-tooth gaps with implants in the aesthetic zone is subject to strict evaluation. Objectively verifiable criteria like the “pink and white aes - thetic score” were elaborated 1, 2 and scientific works focused mostly on the reconstruction of hard- and soft-tissue...
Immediate temporisation using tapered implants
Dr Mohamed El Moheb, France
Immediate loading of implants is a predictable and successful 1 treatment option if it is well planned and well executed. An adequate implant stability is mandatory to permit early loading of the implant. 2 This treatment allows an immediate restoring of aesthetics and offers a more comfortable provisional for the patient...
Overcoming a difficult aesthetic situation
Prof. Dr Dr M. Kemal Unsal, Turkey
Immediate implantation is becoming frequently applied in implant dentistry. Although this technique can be used in many situations, the cases which benefit most are the trauma cases. Associated with an aesthetic issue, the teeth suffering the most from trauma are the incisors. Immediate implant treatment can be the preference of the clinician who would like to cope with time restrictions and aesthetic issues...
From granules to foam
Prof. Dr Dr Stefan Schermer, Germany
In 1997 curasan launched its first ? -TCP based bone regeneration material in granule form CERASORB®. Primary discussed very controversial as not comparable to the golden standard iliac crest spongiosa, the development of the biomimetic bone regenerating materials didn ?t stop, at least due to require - ments of health politics and patients? sensitivity. 1 CERASORB® M, significantly closer to natural bone structure was a logical improvement of CERASORB® and ended up in CERASORB® Foam, where the ?-TCP granules are imbedded in a collagen foam matrix, due to its flexibility enhancing the indication of ?-TCP based bone regeneration materials considerably...
Xenogeneic bone grafting materials
Dr Mike Barbeck, Dr Ronald Unger, Prof. Dr Frank Witte, Prof. Dr Sabine Wenisch & Prof. Dr Dr Reiner Schnettler, Germany
Nowadays, a variety of bone substitutes are available for the clinical user. Interestingly, these materials significantly differ regarding their raw materials or manufacturing processes. As an alternative to autologous bone tissue (autograft), which is still applied as “gold standard” due to its extensive regenerative properties, bone substitutes from other natural sources become more and more relevant in regenerative dentistry...
Dynamic navigation in fully edentulous maxilla
Prof. Dr Hakan Uysal & Dr Noyan Basal, Turkey
Preoperative planning is the most important part of a successful implant rehabilitation and requires multiple parameters to be considered for the precise placement of implants. The implants should be placed not only within anatomical boundaries but also be strategically located to support a prosthesis that will fulfil both functional and aesthetic requirements...
Manufacturer News
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Arabian flair and French charm
Dr Rolf Vollmer, Germany
On 12 and 13 May 2017 , the 10 th Arab German Congress of Dental Implantology took place in Morocco while, simultaneously, the 1 st German Maghreb Countries Meeting of Dental Implantology was inaugurated. The foundation for the congress had been laid in the previous year with an agreement between DGZI and Universiapolis, University Internationale de Agadir. Dr Ali Elmalih, DGZI representative for the Maghreb states, organised the event in cooperation with the private University in Agadir...
Joint meeting of the EAO and SEPES
From 5 to 7 October 2017 the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) will be hosting its 26th annual scientific meeting. This year, participants are invited to Madrid, Spain, where in addition, the Spanish Society of Prosthodontic and Aesthetic Dentistry (SEPES) will meet for its 47 th Congreso Annual. In a joint congress, both EAO and SEPES will bring together an international and highly specialised audience for three days of extraordinary scientific and collegial exchange...
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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