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Since 2000, the magazine implants: international magazine of oral implantology has been published quarterly with a circulation of 10,000 copies. With a readership that spans over 100 countries, implants has become one of the scientific journals with the highest circulation on the dental market. Implants is published in cooperation with the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI e.V.) - one of the oldest scientific implantological expert associations in Europe, which aims to leverage its international know-how and expertise in the field of dental implantology. The readers receive regular updates on the world of international implantology by means of user-oriented case studies, scientific reports as well as summarised product information. The magazine is particularly focussing on reports from international scientific congresses and symposia as well as on the international activities of the German Association of Dental Implantology whoseregular and associated members are part of a network which includes more than 11,000 specialists from the field of implantology. More than 80 per cent of the magazine’s circulation is shipped directly to its members and subscribers. Moreover, specimen copies of implants are available at more than 50 international fairs and congresses. Implants: international magazine of oral implantology is published in English.

Themen der aktuellen Ausgabe 03/2016

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Editorial: Implantology—globally recognized
Dr Rolf Vollmer
Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, USA, Mexico, France, Marocco and many more - The first months of summer were clearly dedicated to the international exchange of good practices as well as numerous advance - ments in the field of implantology. A great number of globally operating implantology companies held symposiums and workshops for thousands of implantologists. Equally, the DGZI also travelled over the past few weeks in order to carry out quality assurance in international DGZI study groups, to perform exams, support partner events and extend networks ...
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The effects of 
professional education on oral-health awareness—A survey among UAE prisoners on implant treatment
Dr Souheil Hussaini, Dr Elham Yagoobi, Dr Maryam Khalili & Prof. Dr Saul Weiner, USA/UAE
There is an increasing awareness of the importance of oral and dental health. Its value is being increas­ ingly accepted not only with regard to preventing or alleviating pain, but also with regard to nutrition and local and systemic diseases. In addition, an aesthetic appearance and a healthy smile are given special at­ tention today. As a consequence, the options for tooth replacement have become of importance to the population.
Quality assessment of dental implants by SEM and EDX analysis—A comparison of five one-piece implants
Dr Dirk U. Duddeck & Dr Franz-Joseph Faber, Berlin & Cologne
Dental implants are supposed to be clean when delivered in a sterile packaging. Implant surface pollution with organic particles and/or major inorganic residues originating from the production process are suspected to cause insufficient or missing osseointegration of dental implants. Unintended micrometerscale particles may induce a foreign-body reaction with a loss of bone in the early stages of osseointegration. In cooperation with the University of Cologne and the Charité-University Medicine Berlin, the Medical Materials Research Institute Berlin analysed the quality of dental implants in three con - secutive studies since 2008...
An indirect method for provisionalisation—The team approach in a complete mouth hybrid reconstruction
Dr Robert A. Levine & Dr Harry Randel, USA
A periodontist and ITI colleague whose office is two hours from our practices referred this patient to our team. Initially, she was seen by the prosthodontist, Dr Harry Randel, and subsequently referred to the periodontist, Dr Robert Levine, for a team approach to solve her failing dentition. The patient pre sented at our office as a 65-year-old non-smoking female...
Augmentation and implant treatment—Two-stage surgery in the severely resorbed edentulous mandible
Dr Marko Nikolic, Croatia
An adequate bone volume at the future implant site is a prerequisite for ideal implant placement and implant success. A residual bone with a vertical dimension less than 5.0 mm indicates a cut-off point and implies the need of additional augmentation procedures in connection with implant insertion, whereas higher values of the alveolar crest ≥ 5.0 mm are considered to be sufficient for treatment with standard-diameter implants without the urgent need of any horizontal bone augmentation...
Introducing Nouvag AG—We talk implantology
For over 40 years, Nouvag AG has committed itself to the development and manufacturing of medical devices and instruments and is famous throughout the world for its legendary Physio-Dispenser. The de- vice was the fi rst equipped with a peristaltic pump to deliver a sodium chloride water solution for the cool- ing of the rotating instruments to eliminate the feared necrosis of bone and its surrounding tissues. By constant further development and the implementation of new technologies and materials, great prog- ress was achieved in many medical branches...
Interview: “Help clinicians to make an excellent treatment even better”
Interview with Integration Diagnostics Sweden
Resonance frequency analysis (RFA) and ISQ were introduced into the dental implant industry in 2001. Now, 15 years later, they have become established methods of measuring implant stability and osseointegration. Anders Petersson, President of Integra - tion Diagnostics Sweden, has been among the pio - neers of RFA, developing its early prototypes as well as the commercial product in 2001. For implants: international magazine of implant dentistry, Anders has taken the time to talk about the beginnings of his company, product philosophy, the principles behind RFA and future developments...
Manufacturer News
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UNAM Congress 2016 in Mexico City
Dr Rolf Vollmer, Germany
With the theme “Maintaining and extending long- standing friendships”, many DGZI members of the board were invited to this year’s congress of the Na - tional Autonomous University of Mexico in May. The university is among the oldest and greatest universities of the American continent. Members of the board Dr Rolf Vollmer, Dr Rainer Valentin, Dr Navid Salehi and international DGZI representative Dr Mazen Tamimi form Jordan followed the invitation to Mexico...
Cooperation with 
partner university 
Universiapolis in Agadir
Dr Rolf Vollmer, Germany
DGZI members of the board followed the invitation by the Moroccan Private University Universiapolis in Agadir and took part in an information event from 19 to 20 May 2016. The university showed great interest in a cooperation with the German Association of Dental Implantology e.V. (DGZI) regarding postgradu­ ate education...
Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016—Innovation comes to life
Nobel Biocare
| events 38 implants 3 2016 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016 Innovation comes to life Source: Nobel Biocare Nobel Biocare welcomed dental professionals from around the world to the iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, US, for the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016. The programme for the sold-out event, held June 23–26, featured lectures, hands-on training and master classes from the world’s leading experts in implant dentistry...
6th International CAMLOG Congress in Krakow
With the theme “Tackling Everyday Challenges”, the 6 th International CAMLOG Congress took place in Krakow/Poland from 9 to 11 June 2016. Renowned experts from Europe and the US presented the latest findings in research and clinical applications...
MIS Global Conference in Barcelona
Dental Tribune International
On 26 May, the third Global Conference of Israeli dental implant manufacturer MIS Implants Technol - ogies opened its doors to dental professionals from all over the world at the Barcelona International Con - vention Centre (CCIB). Until Sunday, about 2,500 at - tended the event to learn more about the latest scien - tific research and developments in implant dentistry and MIS’s VCONCEPT and V3 implant in particular...
1st European Forum on Ultra-Short Implants
Georg Isbaner, Germany
More than 200 participants attended the 1 st Euro - pean Forum on Ultra-Short Implants in Ferrera/Italy from 17 to 18 June 2016. The forum was organised by the Implant Dentistry Center (IDC) in Italy and themed “Ultra-Short Implants”. The scientific committee was led by co-presidents by Prof. Dr Dr Rolf Ewers and Prof. Dr Mauro Marincola and consisted of renowned ex - perts who combined the latest research developments with practical aspects...
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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