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Editorial: 38th Annual International Congress of DGZI
Dr Friedhelm Heinemann, President of DGZI
Bone resorption in periimplantitis: The role of the RANK/RANKL system
Werner Götz, Michael Le, and Friedhelm Heinemann, Germany
Periimplantitis is an inflammatory process occurring in tissues around an osseointegrated and functioning implant. It is the main reason for implant loss at a later stage, due to the loss of the supporting bone.1, 2 Detailed epidemiological studies have not been carried out yet. Roos-Jansaker et al.3 could show a prevalence of 16% in their prospective study based on 294 patients. Warning experts forecast a dramatic increase of this complication for the next years, as a result of the demographical development and the increase of the number of implantations. A periimplantitis can develop from a reversible, plaque induced mucositis together with redness and swelling, which is restricted to periimplant soft tissues.2, 4-6 Then, additional progressive bone resorption and clinical inflammatory parameters like deep probing depth, bleeding on probing and pus can be found...
Using Dental Implant and Guided Bone Regeneration for the Closure of Oroantral Communication
AbouShahba, E.M.*, and Salem, G.*** M.D. (Doctor Degree in Oral Surgery, Cairo University), Fellow ICOI, Diplomat ICOI, Professor in the Military Medical Academy, **PhD Oral Medicine, Cairo University; Consultant Oral Medicine
Several methods have been recommended for the late closure of oroantral fistulas; including different types of mucosal flaps and monocortical bone graft. This report introduces a promising and unique method for the immediate and delayed closure of chronic oroantral communications by using a tapered screw-vent implant with guided bone regeneration (Fisiograft) for closure of the oroantral communication. Six month postoperatively, a stable osseointegrated implant developed and a complete closure of the bony defect was established.
Immediate Certain-Prevail implant placement in the esthetic zone using a flapless Approach
Suheil M. Boutros, USA
Endosseous implants have been traditionally placed using a two-stage surgical approach with a 6Ñ12 month healing period after tooth extraction. In order to decrease healing time, surgical protocols were introduced to allow immediate implant placement and in certain cases immediate non-functional loading following tooth extraction...
Use of a Bone Regeneration Cement for the Management of Gingival Margin in Tooth Extraction Areas
SŽrgio Alexandre Gehrke, Brazil
The procedures for guided bone regeneration (GBR) in tooth extraction areas favour the maintenance of anatomical contours and increase the predictability of aesthetic success. Nevertheless, the complex handling of the flap associated with these techniques can compromise the aesthetic and functional results. Aiming at better and more predictable results the use of an injectable calcium phosphate cement is suggested in this work. A bone regeneration cement called PD VitalOs Cement¨ (Produits Dentaires SA, Vevey, Switzerland) was used to fill and cover the extraction areas, with or without immediate placement of implants. The technique used does not require the raise of a flap nor an additional surgical site to harvest a graft. Twenty patients divided into two groups were followed up clinically and radiographically. In the test group the patients were treated with PD VitalOs Cement¨, whereas the sites of the control group were left empty. The tissues dimensions around the extraction sites were measured up to 90 days after surgery. The results show better management of the buccal gingival margins of the patients treated with PD VitalOs Cement¨, which is of prime importance for the final aesthetic results, especially for single-tooth extractions.
Welcome aboard! New Cooperation Agreement between DGZI and The Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine (Cairo University)
Rolf Vollmer, Germany
DGZI (German Association of Dental Implantology) represented by its Vice President Dr Rolf Vollmer (Germany) and the President of the International Section Dr Mazen Tamimi (Jordan) met in Alexandria (Egypt) with Prof Khaled Abul Fadl, present Dean of Dental Faculty, and Prof Amr Abdel Azim, present Director of the Continuing Dental Education Center of the Faculty, to discuss and have a dialogue about education, advancement and improvement of all aspects of dental specialities. Prof Khaled Abul Fadl in his speech emphasized the importance of a professional development in education with national and international renowned associations and universities in the field of latest dental technologies like oral implantology. Subsequently an agreement between DGZI (German Association of Dental Implantology) and Cairo University was signed between the parties. In order to advance implant dentistry and scientific and technological transfer, Cairo University and DGZI agreed to cooperate under the provisions of an cooperation agreement...
Annual Congress of the University of Zagreb
Rolf Vollmer, Germany
The Annual Congress of the University of Zagreb, the eldest and largest university in South Eastern Europe, was held from June 5 to 7, 2008. It was organized by Stomatoloska Fakulteta in cooperation with Viskongres Organisation.
The CAMLOG Implant Festival 2008 Ñ a rewarding meeting of science and practice
Neither the glorious sunny weather nor the imminent Whit weekend had stopped 800 experts in implant dentistry and dental technology from more than 20 countries attending the CAMLOG Implant Festival 2008 in Basel, Switzerland, from May 9th to 10th. The Implant Festival 2008 was opened by a rousing drum roll from a Basel Mardi Gras band, that right from the start set the tempo to be characteristic for the whole Congress...
13th DENTSPLY Friadent World Symposium in Berlin ”We concentrate on your successÓ
More than 2,300 participants from 67 countries met in Berlin on April 18 and 19 to explore the many factors involved in the success of implantology in the dental practice. What is the role of tested and proven treatment concepts, computer-guided implant placement systems, dental competence or a professional dental practice interior design? The program of the 13th World Symposium presented by DENTSPLY Friadent with the slogan ”Focus on your practice successÓ was a great success with a wide variety of topics, dense content, and practice-oriented scientific presentations from more than 50 internationally known lecturers and, not least, outstanding organization...
Events: Cuba Marathon
Quality management is a dynamic process which has to be adapted constantly on expert and scientific level in accordance with permanently altering general conditions. The aim should be to improve its total quality. Among others, education, advanced studies and curricula can be considered as structural improvements. Nevertheless, nobody really asks the question of how theoretical knowledge is practically applied, or how to put the recently learnt knowledge into practice. In this respect the trainee is often left alone. Where is room for chairside teaching? At least during the clinical studies at the university patients are involved...
Dubai: 4th Arab-German Implantology Meeting of DGZI
Selection of Abstracts
Selected Events 2008/2009
Congratulations and Happy Birthday to all DGZI-members around the world
Manufacturer News
”It s time for a Rethink - high quality at factory-direct pricesÓ
Jerry Niznick DMD MSD
In the early 1980s, implant dentistry was still seen as a speciality reserved for oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The development of the Core-Vent implant by Dr Gerald Niznick, USA, contributed toward popularizing this new and promising treatment modality among general dentists. It is therefore highly justified to call Gerald Niznick one of the Godfathers of implant dentistry. Now the Godfather has returned to the European market.
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