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Editorial: Second Future Congress of DGZI—An event for practitioners
Dr Rolf Vollmer
On 4 and 5 October 2019, the second Future Congress for Dental Implantology of the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI) will take place in Munich in Germany under the theme “Perio-Implantology: Im-plants, Bone & Tissue—Where are we today and where are we headed?” The interactive congress concept that was successfully implemented last year for the first time will serve as the bedrock of this year’s conference too and there will be, once again, an overriding focus on the future of implant dentistry. You are most warmly invited to attend!...
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Single-tooth replacement using CBCT matching and virtual wax-up
Dr Jakob Zwaan, Netherlands & DT Vito Minutolo, Italy
In our practice we often encounter major challenges when just a single tooth needs to be substituted. In order to estimate the risk of an unacceptable aesthetic treatment result and to determine the most effective treatment plan, it is necessary to perform an analysis of the desired tooth shape, the soft tissue architecture and the bone volume necessary to stabilise an implant in the optimal position and support the soft tissue...
Single tooth restoration with theone-tooth one-time technique
Drs Louwrens Swart & Paul van Zyl, South Africa
Immediate implant placement and loading of a pros-thesis in an edentulous jaw is an accepted treatment modality in dental practice worldwide. Optimisation of treatment time is an attractive option for both the treating implantologist and the patient; thus, a single-stage surgical procedure and new loading protocols have been explored...
Implant treatment of heavy smokers with critical bone situations
Drs Branislav Fatori & Inge Schmitz, Germany
In today’s dentistry, the use of implants is a common modality for treating patients with missing teeth. Therapeutic options and aesthetics heavily depend on the treatment concept. Problematic situations include insufficient bone volume, poor bone quality, periodontitis and, of course, heavy smoking. Smoking reduces the possibility of successful implant integration. In this article, we present two cases in which the patients were heavy smokers with anatomically critical bone situations in the form of atrophy of the jaws. Both patients were treated according to the new protocol that we have developed especially for extreme smokers. Four implants were inserted in total...
Initial stability after placement of a new buttress-threaded implant
Dr Enrico Conserva, Italy
In implant dentistry, high primary stability is considered to be the most crucial requirement for implant success,1 especially when applying restorative concepts like immediate restoration and loading. Implant design features are one of the most fundamental elements that can be influenced by the clinician, by the choice of implant, to have an effect on implant primary stability. It is also the implant design which affects the implant’s ability to be able to withstand loading during or after its osseointegration...
Good practice guidelines for implant dentistry
Prof. Cemal Ucer
Training Standards in Implant Dentistry (TSID) has been available from the Faculty of General Dental Prac-tice (UK) (FGDP[UK]) for over ten years. Recently, the faculty announced that it will be publishing new national standards in implant dentistry alongside their good practice guidelines and standards in dentistry, clinical examination and record keeping, as well as dental radiography. The work is being led by Prof. Cemal Ucer, a past President of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) from Salford University in Manchester...
Combining strengths towards further evolution
Holger Essig
At the 2019 International Dental Show (IDS), Bio Horizons and CAMLOG presented themselves under the new joint brand of “BioHorizons Camlog” for the first time, show-casing a vast product portfolio including dental implants, restorative components, CAD/CAM technologies and innovative regenerative solutions. implants spoke to Holger Essig, Chief Marketing Officer of BioHorizons Camlog, about the major challenges and strategic goals associated with the new branding...
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Game changer? Nobel Biocare launches new implant system
For over 60 years, Nobel Biocare has been a pioneering force for implant dentistry. At the Global Symposium in Madrid, the company is now taking innovation to another level with the announcement of its Nobel Biocare N1 implant system. Soon to be available to dental professionals worldwide, the purpose behind the new system was to make treatments faster, as well as more straightforward and predictable. To achieve this, unconventional techniques in implantology were required. Addressing some of the shortcomings of current protocols, Nobel Biocare N1 was designed from the ground up with biological principles and patient needs in mind...
Harmony in a signature smile—West-East MIS Conference in Tel Aviv
The West-East MIS Conference, held on 20 and 21 June 2019 in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in Israel, was a middle groundfor the distinguished lecturers from Europe and Japan for meeting on the same stage at the Hilton Hotel, situated on the gorgeous Mediterranean shoreline. Inspired by his many visits to Japan throughout his career as a periodon-tist, Dr Bernard Dahan was one of the key initiators of the conference. His opening statement was followed by a musical stage performance of a drum quartet, dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, playing beautiful Japanese taiko drums...
The inaugural Dynamic Navigation Symposium 2019 in Rome
On 5 and 6 July 2019, the first symposium of the Dynamic Navigation Society (DNS), the educational arm of ClaroNav, was held in Rome in Italy. Fourteen leading ex-perts in guided surgery came together to review the status of dynamic navigation in front of an audience of 140 clini-cians from all over the globe.
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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