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Since 2000, the magazine implants: international magazine of oral implantology has been published quarterly with a circulation of 10,000 copies. With a readership that spans over 100 countries, implants has become one of the scientific journals with the highest circulation on the dental market. Implants is published in cooperation with the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI e.V.) - one of the oldest scientific implantological expert associations in Europe, which aims to leverage its international know-how and expertise in the field of dental implantology. The readers receive regular updates on the world of international implantology by means of user-oriented case studies, scientific reports as well as summarised product information. The magazine is particularly focussing on reports from international scientific congresses and symposia as well as on the international activities of the German Association of Dental Implantology whoseregular and associated members are part of a network which includes more than 11,000 specialists from the field of implantology. More than 80 per cent of the magazine’s circulation is shipped directly to its members and subscribers. Moreover, specimen copies of implants are available at more than 50 international fairs and congresses. Implants: international magazine of oral implantology is published in English.

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Editorial: DGZI — globally engaged
Dr Rolf Vollmer
The first half of this year had scheduled numerous international events in the field of implantology in which we as the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI e.V.) participated representing our members and readers of this journal. Especially worth mentioning among those events is the annual meeting of the American Academy of Osseointegration (AO) with more than 2,500 participants...
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Immediate restoration in the digital workflow — Part I
José Eduardo Maté Sánchez de Val & José Luis Calvo Guirado, Spain
Endosseous implants have consistently achieved high success rates in partially and completely edentulous patients. Clinicians have therefore begun to offer selected patients immediate and early implant place ment options. The long-term success of immediately loaded implants has been investigated in animals 1,2 and humans, 3 with encouraging results. However, most of the studies were performed with implants placed in the anterior mandible, where primary implant stability is easily achieved...
Implant-prosthesis treatment in case of total edentulism
Prof. Massimo Pasi, Italy
Total edentulism is a serious handicap that still affects almost 25 per cent of the population aged 65 years and older. Loss of teeth leads to a severe impairment of life quality of those affected, not only with regard to their ability to chew but also for their social life and their psychological attitude. In case of total edentulism, a prosthesis improves both chewing efficiency and way of life. Since a denture in the maxilla is often well accepted, the minimum of acceptable treatment in the lower jaw are overdentures anchored by two implants...
Sinus elevation with short implant
Prof. Dr Mauro Marincola, Prof. Dr Dr Rolf Ewers, Prof. Giorgio Lombardo (University of Verona) & Prof. Miguel Simancas Pallares (University of Cartagena), Austria/Italy/Colombia
An upper posterior edentulous maxilla with diminished bone height usually represents a challenging situation for clinicians when dental implantation is the solution for tooth absence. Bone decrease is the result of a reduction in both height and width of the alveolar process due to the maxillary sinus pneumatisation.
Augmentation and defect filling in oral surgery — A multicentre non-interventional study
Henriette Lerner, Germany
There is considerable demand for bone replacement and augmentation materials in the field of dental medicine, especially in oral and maxillofacial surgery. A wide variety of biological and synthetic replacement materials is now available. In recent years synthetic substances containing calcium and phosphate have been developed...
Vertical bone augmentation procedures — Part II
Prof. Dr Dr Florian G. Draenert, M.D., D.D.S., Ph.D., Germany
Adequate alveolar bone at the desired implant site and bony support of the gingival soft tissue is the prerequisite for a successful dental implantation and ideal aesthetic outcome. Complex augmentations are challenging and represent a hotspot of research. This article discusses complex bone augmentation techniques and their alternatives...
How safe is your implant? Global initiative for clean dental implants
Dr Dirk U. Duddeck, Germany
Residues on sterile packaged implants , in particular organic particles from the production or packaging process, are highly suspected of being responsible for an incomplete osseointegration of dental implants or even a loss of bone in the early healing period...
Interview: Become a champion !
Priv.-Doz. Dr med. dent. Armin Nedjat, Katrin Maiterth, Germany
Founded eleven years ago , the company Champions-Implants distributes implant systems and innovative products such as Smart Grinder, in Germany, Europe and worldwide. At this year’s IDS in Cologne, implants spoke to Priv.-Doz. Dr med. dent. Armin Nedjat, CEO and Managing Director, about the company’s beginnings, his work as both a practising dentist as well as Managing Director, the company’s future plans and, of course, how to become a champion! ...
2017 AO Annual Meeting Orlando
Dr Rolf Vollmer, Germany
On behalf of the Annual Meeting Program Committee, Program Committee Chair Dr Jeffrey Ganeles and the president Dr Alan Pollack welcomed more than 2,500 attendees to Orlando and the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO). As part of his remarks, Dr Pollack also provided his presidential address in which he stated, “Much of the ‘take-away’ from these meetings derives from sharing ideas and problems with colleagues. Sitting next to someone in the lecture halls who may practice across the country or across the globe, in a different practice setting and performing procedures that you don’t, or wouldn’t do yourself offers the opportunity to open your mind to different perspectives and share disparate experiences.”...
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