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Editorial: In the main interest: the new modular postgraduate education concept of the DGZI
Dr Friedhelm Heinemann, President of DGZI
Geriatric medicine gives new impetus to implantology - From anatomical and biological basics to dental practice
Werner Götz, Rolf Vollmer and Friedhelm Heinemann, Germany
The increase in life expectancy and the drop in the birth rate are the main causes for demographic aging, especially in the industrial nations. In about 20 years nearly 40% of the German population will be older than 60 years. This signifies that gerostomatology will become increasingly important for practical dental medicine. Therefore, the knowledge of changes inside the oral cavity due to aging, and age correlated oral diseases are becoming more important. Whereas age-related facial phenomena have always been a reason for medical indication in plastic and esthetic facial surgery, the increasing number of senior citizens, who ask for an overall therapeutical concept for ”dentofacial rejuvenationÓ requires an interdisciplinary view regarding the aging processes in face and oral cavity.
Soft Tissue Integration in the Neck Area of Titanium Implants Ñ an Animal Trial
S. Allegrini Jr, M.R.F. Allegrini, M. Yoshimoto, B. König Jr, R. Mai; J. Fanghänel, T. Gedrange
Dental implant materials are required to enable good apposition of bone and soft tissues. They must show sufficient resistance to chemical, physical and biological stress in the oral cavity to achieve good long-term outcomes. A critical issue is the apposition of the soft tissues, as they have provided a quasi-physiological closure of oral cavity. The present experiment was performed to study the peri-implant tissue response to non-submerged (1-stage) implant installation procedures. Two different implants types (Nobel Biocare, NobelReplace¨ Tapered Groovy 4.3 x 10 mm and Replace¨ Select Tapered TiU RP 4.3 x 10 mm) were inserted into the right and left sides of 8 domestic pigs (Sus scrofa domestica) mandibles, between canines and premolars and immediately provided with a ceramic crown. Primary implant stability was determined using ressonance frequency analysis.
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation using a nano-crystalline hydroxyapatite silica gel -
Luigi Canullo, DDS; Iole Vozza, DDS; Dr Fabrizio Caricatoc; PhD Claudia Dellavia, DDS, PhD, University of Bonn, Germany. Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, University of Rome, Rome, Italy. Private Practice, Rome, Italy. Assistant Professor
A prospective studyÑHistological results after 3 months of healing
Integration of diode laser surface decontamination in periimplantitis therapy Ña twelve year review of a fit for practice concept
Georg Bach, Germany
After many years of great euphoria, a certain disillusion has spread in implantology, which is especially due to the reason that implants with corresponding suprastructures do not last forever, like it has often been pointed out. Anyway, complications cannot totally be excluded. Professor Herbert Deppe, Chair for the Dental Surgery and Implantology Department of Munich University, has recently reported on the fact that approximately an eights of incorporated implants show periimplantary lesions after about 10 years. In the beginning, the main fear was that enossal implants had to face early complications. Nowadays, this is no more the case since sophisticated surgery techniques and improved implant surfaces have reduced these risks.
Events: Consensus Conference Implantology
Starting from the beginning of the year 2009 DGZI presides over the Consensus Conference. Dr med dent Roland Hille currently is its President. This is a good opportunity to talk to Dr Hille, Board member of the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI) and get more information about the aims and tasks of this union.
IDS flourishes despite economic trouble
Daniel Zimmermann, Germany
The world s largest dental show has defied the economic gloom. According to a preliminary report released by the organiser Koelnmesse at the end of March, the number of visitors this year increased by 6.9 per cent to over 100,000. The number of exhibitors also rose by 4.5 per cent to 1,820. International companies held a 65 per cent share, an increase of 10 per cent compared with the previous show in 2007.
IDS-Review : IDS for implantologists
Interview with Dr Rolf Vollmer
Innovations are excitingÑProfessional training (curricula) is indispensable. IDSÑThe International Dental ShowÑtook place in Cologne from March 24 to 28, 2009. This year«s worldwide biggest fair of dental industry focussed on innovations, also with regard to implantology.
24th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO)
Rolf Vollmer and Rainer Valentin, Germany
The 24th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO) was held at the San Diego Convention Center from February 26-28, 2009. Slogan of this meeting was ”A New Wave in Implant TherapyÓ. AO is one of the international partner organizations, a so called affiliate association of DGZI (German Association of Dental Implantology). AO is a purely scientific association, similar to the DGZI, with more than 6,500 members worldwide, who have specialized in dental implantology.
AOS: 7th Biennial Conference
On behalf of the Australasian Osseointegration Society, I am honored and privileged to invite you to the AOS 7th Biennial Conference to be held at the Gold Coast, Queensland, from 4-7 November 2009.
Selected Events 2009/2010
Midwinter Meeting Weathers Economic StormAttendance down 9% from 2008 meeting but 82 % of exhibitors report generating new business at show
Attendance down 9% from 2008 meeting but 82 % of exhibitors report generating new business at show
Congratulations and Happy Birthday to all DGZI-members around the world
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