implants - international magazine of oral implantology erscheint seit dem Jahr 2000 quartalsweise in einer Auflage von 10.000 Exemplaren. Mit Lesern in rund 100 Ländern ist implants heute eine der weltweit meist verbreiteten dentalen Fachpublikationen. Das in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Implantologie e.V. (DGZI), der ältesten europäischen implantologischen Fachgesellschaft, herausgegebene Magazin stellt sich in den Dienst des internationalen Know-how-Transfers auf dem Gebiet der dentalen Implantologie. Die Leser erhalten durch anwenderorientierte Fallberichte, wissenschaftliche Studien und komprimierte Produktinformationen ein regelmäßiges Update aus der Welt der internationalen Implantologie. Einen besonderen Stellenwert haben in diesem Zusammenhang vor allem Berichte über die international stattfindenden Fachkongresse und Symposien sowie die internationalen Aktivitäten der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Implantologie, die mit ihren eigenen und assoziierten Mitgliedern Bestandteil eines 11.000 Implantologiespezialisten umfassenden Netzwerkes ist.

Themen der aktuellen Ausgabe 02/2007

Editorial: International activities of DGZI
Dr Rolf Vollmer, 1st President & Treasurer of DGZI
Balloon-Lift-Control (blc): a minimal-invasive system for the elevation of the sinus floor mucosa (Part 2)
Klaus-U. Benner, Florian JM Bauer and Karl-H. Heuckmann, Germany
In Figures 10 to 15 the course of a clinical sinus floor membrane elevation using the BLC System is presented with intraoral photographs and panoramic x-ray scans. One week before the surgical operation the patient (Z. E., 43 year-old male) was verbally informed about the operation technique and risks, and also by a letter. On the operation day the patient was in good healthy condition, anamnesis and gross clinical examination did not show any signs of cardiovascular or metabolic diseases; also allergic reactions against iodine or thyroid gland dysfunctions were not known.
The anterior maxillary implant and a high smile line: Often a great challenge
Bert Eger, Germany
This case report is based upon a speech held at the 36. International Annual Congress of DGZI in Munich on 13th of October, 2006. Placing an implant in the anterior sector of the maxilla with clear indication poses a great challenge in most situations, especially when the patient shows a high smile line and the treatment has been delayed. Today, however, osseointegration is no longer the only criterion when assessing the outcome of an implant treatment: The aesthetic result has become just as important. In the following, a passionate mountaineer explains two completely different initial situations after the loss of the upper left lateral incisor, and its replacement.
Combination of scalpel and laser-aided, second-stage surgery in the atrophic edentulous mandibula
Marcel A. Wainwright, Germany
In this case report the sensible combination of a conventional surgical second-stage approach with the use of a Diodeum Laser is shown.
The significance of mitochondrial efficiency in the regeneration and rate of healing when using dental implants
Brigitte König, Bernd Neuschulz and Rolf Briant, Germany
The number of dental implant procedures is constantly increasing. As absolute implantology activities increase, so do the number of older and/or multimorbid patients. Undoubtedly, impaired wound healing is to be taken into account for these patients.
Great Turnout at DGZI Convention in Dubai: More than 230 dentists from all over experienced convention s highlights
The third Arab German Implantology meeting took place once again this year between April 5 and 6, 2007, in Dubai. It was organized in cooperation with the Emirates Medical Association/Dental Society (comparable to German BZÄK [Federal chamber of German dentists]). The convention s chairman Dr Rolf Vollmer and its scientific chairman Dr Mazen Tamimi welcomed more than 230 participants at Taj Palace Hotel s congress center that was brimming with participants. Participants from an excess of 15 countries, including the Gulf region and other regions attended the implantology event this year as well.
Close Partnership between DGZI and AO, the American Academy of Osseointegration
The convention of the American Academy of Osseointegration took place between March 8 and March 11 in picturesque San Antonio, Texas. This year s theme was ”Current implant challenges: interact today to act tomorrowÓ. Board member DrRolf Vollmer and the international DGZI division s representative, Dr Mazen Tamimi from Jordan were present to represent DGZI [German dental implantology association]. Dr Torsten Hartmann from DGZI headquarters in Düsseldorf also attended the convention.
Kuwait Dental Association - 13th Conference, January 13-15, 2007
Therefore, dental chambers are making huge efforts to prevent imposture and they want to make sure that only highly qualified colleagues get a licence to insert implants in the future...
Report: 1st Sudanese Implantology Symposium
On the initiative of Dr Ahmad Fadl, Dr Mazen Tamimi, and the Sudanese Oral Health Association, the first Sudanese-German Implantology Symposium took place during the 16th and 17th of December, 2006. About 200 attendants met in the perfectly technically equipped Friendship Hall, the first neutral meeting in Karthoum...
Periointegration: New technologies from turbine construction revolutionize implantology
Interview with Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann, CEO Clinical House Europe GmbH
At IDS 2007, Clinical House presented the PerioType implant system for the first time. The system was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, the Academy of Periointegration and international technological partners. An interview with Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann, CEO Clinical House Europe GmbH.
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