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Editorial: The right measures at the right time 
Dr Rolf Vollmer
It was certainly one of the more memorable press conferences in recent dental history that Henry Schein held online on late Thursday afternoon at the end of February. Stanley M. Bergman, chairman of the board and CEO of Henry Schein, elaborated on questions about moral duties and entrepreneurial responsibility in times of a global health crisis. All over the world, people are losing trust in their governments, according to Bergman...
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The key role of vitamin D in immune health and regeneration
Prof. Shahram Ghanaati, Dr Karl Ulrich Volz & Dr Sarah Al-Maawi, Germany & Switzerland
A healthy immune system is the basis of general good health and a good immune defence. It has been proved that individual habits, nutrition and the environment have an influence on our health.1 A balanced and healthy diet in particular is the key to a healthy human body. An unbalanced diet can seriously impair the immune system and increase the risk of chronic disease as a result.1 In the last decade, chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity and cardiovascular disease have surged sharply in various countries...
Immediate rehabilitation of a completely edentulous maxilla
Dr Jean-Baptiste Verdino, France
A 66-year-old female patient presented to the dental office of the author complaining about her partial denture (she had one remaining natural tooth), which was unstable, caused discomfort and had a poor aesthetic appearance. This denture had been in place for 20 years and had been deficient for more than 15 years...
Effectively designing the aesthetic zone
Prof. Bilal Al-Nawas, Dr Keyvan Sagheb, Dr Stefan Wentaschek & Dr Yasmin Habibi, Germany
An otherwise healthy 65-year-old male patient presented with a tooth 12 that was not worthy of preservation, and a request for implantological restoration (Figs. 1a?c). The initial situation shows a crown that is clearly angulated vestibular, and inflamed, slightly reddened and swollen vestibular mucosa with partial loss of the papillary tips. First, atraumatic extraction of tooth 12 was performed with preservation of the alveolar walls (Fig. 2a). The vestibular lamella was already resorbed due to the inflammatory process (Fig. 2b) caused by a longitudinal fracture (Fig. 2c). Complementing this, the alveolus was recon-structed in terms of ARP (Alveolar Ridge Preservation) using autologous platelet and fibrin concentrate (platelet-rich fibrin?PRF) in combination with the ?-tricalcium phosphate collagen matrix (CERASORB® Foam, curasan; Figs. 3a?c). In order to achieve optimal shaping of the soft tissue, the gap was provisionally addressed with a removable interim prosthesis...
Pre-prosthetic periodontal plastywith the Er:YAG laser
Dr Fabrice Baudot, France
A minimally invasive approach is a global philosophy that has extended to all medical disciplines (there have been nearly 100,000 publications on this subject since 1992), and periodontics is not at the margin of this general trend. The objectives of this approach are to improve the operative and postoperative comfort of patients and to optimise the results of interventions. The Er:YAG laser is a microsurgical tool in the service of this concept. Thanks to its novel oper-ating mode, it allows the clinician to perform operations in accordance with all the criteria of a minimally invasive approach. Tissue is treated on the basis of respecting vascular and anatomical structures in a microsurgical manner, thus reducing postoperative effects and improving the reliability of the results.1 ...
Aesthetics for all intends and purposes
Dipl.-Ing. Axel Reichert, Austria
ndustrial multilayer preshaded zirconiumoxide blanks have established a strong positive trend in the dental market for quite some time now and form part of the established state-of-the-art across a wide variety of facets in terms of integrated colour design. They ensure simple, fast and highly accurate reproducibility of colour and translucency in everyday laboratory work. For the user to be able to assess which underlying “optics” are hidden in the blank, nesting concepts are often necessary. However, these must first be imparted to the user so that the desired tooth shade prevails after sintering. If additional pronounced gingival sections are to be added, which of course cannot meaningfully be accounted for in terms of shade in a tooth-coloured blank, then a simple “symmetrical” or evenly distributed shade gradient is often no longer sufficient for this purpose...
Making your work flow in implant dentistry
At any dental clinic, workflow is very important for business success and patient satisfaction. To reach these key goals, dental practices need to have smart implant workflow solutions in place. In addition, you want to experience flow when treating patients—it will help you overcome challenges, feel condent and nd solutions to complex cases. Making your workflow in implant dentistry revolves around identifying the smoothest and most convenient workflow for each customer, and making sure to deliver whatever is needed to ensure that. With a vast, world-class assortment of products and solutions for implant treatment, there are complete solutions that create the best possible workflow and make work flow better
Low CHX concentrations with additives effective against biofilm
A recent study at the University of Bern in Switzerland has yielded important findings on one of the most frequently used agents in dental care—chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX)—and the relatively newly discovered Citrox, both of which are in Curaprox’s Perio plus range of mouthwashes, toothpaste and oral gel. According to the results, Perio plus formulations have a stronger inhibitory effect on plaque regrowth than do solutions with the same amount of CHX but no additional ingredients...
Implant integration made predictable
Prof. David L. Hoexter, USA
In recent years, the public’s acceptance of oral implants has been dramatically positive. People are living longer and desire an enhanced quality of life. Being able to eat all the foods they enjoy due to improved mastication, not requiring the full dentures of their grandparents, comfortably eating and speaking at the dinner table not only with their children but with their grandchildren, provides greater confidence and enjoyment of life. Implant aesthetics has also played a major role in improved appearance and social confidence...
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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