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Quality assurance through further training
Dr Rolf Vollmer
Especially in the run-up to IDS, implant dentistry is receiving a great deal of attention, as it is one of the crystallisation points for new therapy procedures and innovative products in modern dentistry...
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L-PRF in different intraoral applications
Prof. Nelson R. Pinto1, Dr Andy Temmerman2, Ana B. Castro2, Simone Cortellini2, Prof. Dr Wim Teughels2 & Prof. Dr Marc Quirynen21 Department of Periodontology and Oral Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry, Universidad de Los Andes, Santiago, Chile2 Departme
Leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) acceler-ates wound healing in both soft and hard tissue significantly. Major indications for the use of L-PRF and the step-by-step preparation of L-PRF clots, membranes and plugs, as well as application approaches to open-flap debridement and ridge preservation, were introduced in the first two parts of this article series...
Polypropylene membrane in post-extraction alveolar repair
Drs Irineu Gregnanin Pedron & Munir Salomão, Brazil
Despite the technological and scientific ad-vances made in contemporary dentistry, exo-dontia is still very common in the daily clinical practice. Caries, fractures, periodontal diseases, iatrogenesis, unsuccessful therapies, prosthetic failures, persistent pathologies, malocclusions, automobile and/or sports accidents, neglected oral health and orthodontic indications, among others—all these factors contribute to dental damage.1...
Contaminated implants raise global concern among dentists
Dr Dirk U. Duddeck, Germany
There is a problem that many implantologists are not aware of: recent analyses of dental implants using scanning electron microscopy indicate that an alarming number of sterile-packaged implants are contaminated. In addition, the number of manufacturers affected is increasing, which is a major cause for concern. The placement of contami-nated implants can lead to a decline in the quality of clinical outcomes and, as a result, possibly lead to an increase in malpractice cases and thus compensations claims...
Creating unique smiles with the Z1 implant system
Julien Benhamou
The French-based company TBR Dental is specialised in the development and manufacturing of highgrade implants made from zirconia and titanium. In this interview, Julien Benhamou, CEO of the company, talks about the company and the unique features of their implant system Z1...
Confidence beyond immediacy
Dr George Raeber
At Straumann’s “Arena of Confidence” booth at IDS 2019, the spotlight will be on the recently introduced Straumann BLX, a fully tapered immediate implant system that fills the gap in the company’s premium portfolio and aims to win significant share in this segment. implants spoke with Dr George Raeber, Head of Global Product Management SDIS, to find out more...
Dynamic Navigation: Closing the gap between planning and execution
Computer-guided surgery is among the most exciting advancements made in digital dentistry throughout recent years. In this interview, Prof. Dr Ronald Jung1 and Dr Marc Balmer2, both working at the University of Zu-rich, talk about the current state of computer-guided implantology and the advantages of dynamic navigation in particular...
“It is fantastic to have implants as a treatment option”
Prof. Ann Wennerberg
Prof. Ann Wennerberg from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden is a world-leading authority on dental implant surfaces. She recently led a systematic review of 62 clinical studies in which she analysed a total of over 17,000 implants with at least ten years of followup. The study compared the longterm clinical outcomes of implant treatments with different surfaces including sandblasted, titanium plasmasprayed, turned, sandblasted and acidetched, and anodised ones. Dental Tribune International met with Prof. Wennerberg to discuss her research and its findings...
Nobel Biocare: The Mucointegration™ era has begun
Nobel Biocare introduces the Xeal abutment surface and TiUltra implant surface. From abutment to implant apex, surface chemistry and topography have been reimagined to optimise tissue integration at every level. Dense soft-tissue contact with an abutment can act as a barrier to protect the underlying bone and is the basis for longterm tissue health and stability.1–4 Xeal is a pioneering surface for soft-tissue integration that demonstrates a statistically significant increase in soft-tissue height compared to machined abutments.5 A smooth, non-porous, nanostructured and anodised surface, Xeal possesses surface chemistry and topography that are specially designed to promote soft-tissue attachment...
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LCI’s Full Immersion Training will transform your practice
LCI’s Full Immersion Training will transform your practiceLake Como Institute (LCI) is a training centre for advanced implantology founded by Dr Tiziano Testori...
Ceramic implants—Game changer in implant dentistry
On 10 and 11 May 2019, the 5thAnnual Meeting of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) will take place on the premises of the Constance Clinic under the theme “Ceramic Implants—Game Changer in Implantology”...
A new chapter in implant dentistry
A new chapter for implant dentistry will open this summer in Madrid. At the upcoming Global Symposium, the first of three international events hosted by Nobel Biocare, new developments in the field of implant design and site preparation will be unveiled...
“Confidence in You” contest to mark BLX implant system launch
To mark the full European market release of its new BLX implant system, Straumann ran an online contest in which the top prizes are 3 lifetime lion adoptions at Drakenstein lion park, South Africa, where Straumann has already adopted a lion named “ Tarzan”...
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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