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Editorial: Ceramic implants—game changer in dental implantology
Dr Michael Gahlert, Munich/Basel ITI Fellow Focus on implantology and periodontology
A specialist magazine exclusively concentrating on ceramic implants is a highly welcomed medium of information for all dentists working in the field of implantology. Ceramic implants have been the focus of the implantological community for a long time now and have reached full clinical approval by undergoing the same developmental stages as did titanium implants before...
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From titanium to zirconia implants
Dr Sofia Karapataki, Greece
Zirconium is a metal with the atomic number 40. Zirconium dioxide (ZrO 2 ) or Zirconia is a ceramic material without any metal properties. It is electrochemically inert causing no galvanising or electrocurrent disturbance effects at an inter- and intracellular level. It is the most bioinert and biocompatible material currently available in the market, with no detected allergies or intolerances. The material exhibits lower surface free energy that leads to hydrophilic reduced plaque (biofilm) accumulation, so, less inflammation is expected leading to superior soft tissue health...
Ceramic implants: Yesterday a vision, today an everyday challenge?
Dr Jochen Mellinghoff, Germany
When the first ceramic implants were inserted in the 1960s and 1970s under the supervision of Prof. Willi Schulte in Tübingen in Germany, expectations were high and it appeared that an alternative to the already successful titanium implants had been found. However, in practice, it turned out differently...
How to successfully place ceramic implants
Dr Dominik Nischwitz, Germany
At present, ceramic implants (Fig. 1) are routinely used by only a few dentists: This is also evident in the small number of scientific studies compared to titanium implants. Therefore, the empirical facts resulting from the practical use of ceramic implants are particularly more important at this stage. The benefits of ceramic implants with regard to its biocompatibility, soft tissue reaction and the aesthetic result are now undisputed...
Implant insertion through the DWOS Synergy™ workflow
Dr Richard Zimmermann & Dr Stefanie Seitz, USA
A 30-year-old female with non-contributory medical history presented to the clinic for evaluation of a maxillary edentulous site. Review of her dental history revealed that tooth 12 (ADA) was lost due to failed endodontic therapy approximately a year ago during her pregnancy and she was now ready to have it replaced...
Ceramic implants—naturally beautiful and clinically proven
Dr Frederic Hermann, M.Sc., Switzerland
Patients are increasingly requesting ceramic implants. Reasons behind their decisions are often related to their emotions, as “white” implants mean smiles appear even more radiant and soft tissue looks even healthier. As such, this kind of implants contribute to a better quality of life and higher levels of self-confidence.
Metal-free restauration from A to Z
Dr Michael Leistner, Germany
Today, more and more patients both desire and require metal-free dental provisions. Experts are therefore talking of a major, if not mega trend comparable to the organic food sector and the constantly growing range of organic products...
Shifting of dental implants through ISO standards
Dr Aous Dannan, Richard Donaca & Philipp Rausch, Germany
The introduction of cylindrical endosseous implants to dentistry have had a significant effect on restorative treatment planning. 1 These advances can also affect treatment planning for teeth requiring endodontic treatment. 2 The long-term success of titanium osseointegrated implants in periodontally healthy patients has been documented in various studies. 3...
Manufacture News
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High-quality alternative to metal-based implants
Oded Ben Shabat, CEO of TAV Medical.
43 implants 1 2017 High-quality alternative to metal-based implants TAV Dental is a professional , dynamic and innovative unit founded as a division of TAV Medical Ltd, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the medical field. TAV Dental manufactures a wide range of dental products including implants, abutments and tools, manufactured from variety of raw materials such as zirconia, titanium and plastics...
“Ceramic will replace titanium in the long run”
In 2004, Z-Systems obtained the first CE certification for one-piece ceramic implants; three years later they obtained FDA certification as the first ceramic implant manufacturer. From that point on, the company developed to one of the leading companies in the global market of ceramic implants...
Zirconium dioxide implants—a holistic approach
Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr Werner Becker, Dr Witalij Kolbe and DT Artur Wolf
Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr Werner Becker, Dr Witalij Kolbe and DT Artur Wolf, for dentists and patients alike, ceramic implants pose an alternative to titanium im plants. You are advocates of a holistic approach in dentistry. Where do you stand on this topic? ...
Long-term experiences in the production of zirconia
ZiBone has inherited the rich experience of the Taiwan company COHO Biomedical Technology in manufacturing biotech machinery and products. Having the foundation and studied the exact delicate details of CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) and PIM (Powder Injection Molding), the company successfully obtained several patents in the area of medical devices. In the interview, ZiBone spoke about their products and aims in the field of ceramic implantology...
ISMI congress 2018 will take place in Hamburg
Jürgen Isbaner, Germany
Founded in 2014, the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) held its 3 rd annual meeting under the topic “Metal free implantology—Defining its position”. With more than 150 participants and speakers from eight countries and a broad programme, the society’s 3 rd annual meeting, held on 5 and 6 May 2017 in Constance, Germany, was a total success. Participants were presented with a programme of seminars, various live surgeries as well as in-depth scientific lectures. On both congress days, international speakers and participants discussed their practical experiences and current trends regarding the use of ceramic implants...
Clear mission for ceramic implants: IAOCI World Congress 2017 in Miami
Georg Isbaner, Germany
From 16 to 18 February, the International Academy of Ceramic Implants (IAOCI) invited participants to its 6 th International Annual Congress in Miami, Florida. Providing a range of expert speakers, the three-day symposium enabled nearly 100 participants from all parts of the world to deepen their knowledge regarding the basics as well as further possibilities of ceramic implantology...
Fifth International Z-Systems Congress
About 70 specialists from ten countries met in the middle of June in sunny Nice for an update about ceramic implants. The high-quality presentations both amazed and convinced the participants....
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Congresses, courses and symposia/ Imprint
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