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Editorial: Ceramic implants—current state of discussion
Georg Isbaner
When the idea for this magazine was first presented at the IDS 2017, it was not yet foreseeable that in the months leading up to the first publication in fall 2017 the developments of the ceramic implant market would yet be speeding up. Numerous dental businesses were introducing new or newly acquired ceramic implant systems. The first publication of ceramic implants—international magazine of ceramic implant technology thus occurred in a highly sensitive environment and consequently received much attention...
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From peri-implantitis to implant disease
Dr Franz-Jochen Mellinghoff, M.Sc., PhD, Germany
Current demographic prognoses show that the proportion of elderly (population of 60 and above) will increase strongly in all developed and underdeveloped countries worldwide by 2050 (Fig. 1). This naturally results in an increasing stress on the global health system. One of the stressors that dentists can focus on is dental health, specifically regarding implants (Table 1)...
Analogous therapy for guided regeneration of lamellar bone tissue
Dr Karl Ulrich Volz, Prof. Dr Dr Ralf Smeets, Dr Martin Chares, Dr Stefan König MSc., Dr Dominik Nischwitz, Dr Alexander Neubauer, Sabine Hutfilz, ZÄ Clara Esquinazi & ZA Paul Kilanowski, Germany & Switzerland
Regarding bone formation, the regeneration of lost bone substance follows indisputable biological laws. The creation of cavities through so-called space makers in combination with the building of a blood clot within, has been a wellknown procedure for guided bone regeneration for a long time. Due to growth factors in platelet-derived alphagranula there is a fast incrementation of blood vessels in the blood clot, followed by a fast bone regeneration through callus formation. 1–3 ...
Individual CAD/CAM abutments on ceramic implants
Dr Frederic Hermann, M.Sc., Switzerland
Full-ceramic systems have been successfully established in the field of dental technology as well as in oral surgery. 1 The necessity of being able to offer patients metal-free res - torations has continuously increased in recent years. 2 Owing to a genuine two-piece design, the newer generation of ceramic implants allows for successful restoration concepts similar to titanium implants. The reconstruction of an edentulous space in the upper jaw with simultaneous, transcrestal sinus floor elevation by using three CERALOG® implants will be described in the following case report...
Aesthetic restoration in the incisal region
Michael Gahlert, Germany
Dr Michael Gahlert is a fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) and has been specialising on the development and placement of ceramic implants. In this case report the aesthetic restoration of two maxillary incisors with ceramic implants is presented in detail. Dr Gahlert was supported by Otto Prandtner, dental technician at Dental Plattform and Dr Reza Saeidi Pour, prosthodontic specialist of the Dr Seehofer dental clinic, both from Munich, Germany...
Immediate placement in the maxillary aesthetic zone
Dr Saurabh Gupta, India & Dr Sammy Noumbissi, USA
This particular case report details the immediate replacement procedure of a previously unsuccessfully endodontically treated maxillary central incisor with a one-piece zirconia implant. Atraumatic extraction of the incisor was followed by a curettage procedure to remove any fragments of peri-apical granuloma...
Change is mandatory for extraordinary results
Revital Shabtai, VP Marketing, TAV Dental
It is tru e, titanium was the gold standard in oral implantology for many years, however time is changing and so are our patients’ needs and demands. High aesthetic standards and increasing incidences of titanium sensitivities along with a rising demand for metal-free reconstructions have led to the search for an alternative material...
Ceramic implants in anterior dental restoration
Dr Franz-Jochen Mellinghoff, M.Sc., PhD, Germany
A 39-year-old female patient of good general health attended our practice for a consultation. She came from a small town approximately 70 km from our practice and had found out beforehand via the Internet which dentist in the area offered ceramic implants. The patient was prepared to make the long trip to reach us because she was worried that the apicectomy proposed by her own dentist would once again involve introducing new foreign material (sealing material for the apical closure of the root canals) into the bone. She had thus decided on having the root-filled teeth and associated metal-ceramic crowns, as well as the periapical granulomas, removed. She clearly and unequivocally communicated her desire for ceramic implants.
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Interview: Clear trend towards metal-free reconstructions
Dr Stefan Röhling
Dr Stefan Röhling is a fellow and speaker of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) specialising on zirconia implant research. Georg Isbaner, editorial manager of ceramic implants interviewed Dr Röhling (Fig. 1) on his experience with ceramic implants, scientific research insights, market developments and perceived treatment chances and challenges with zirconia implants in comparison to titanium implants...
Interview: A shift to “well-care”
Dr Sammy Noumbissi
Dr Sammy Noumbissi has been practicing implantology for many years, specialising mainly on the use of ceramic implants. In 2011, Dr Noumbissi founded the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOCI), an organisation dedicated exclusively to ceramic and metalfree al- ternatives to metal implants. In an interview with Georg Isbaner, editorial manager of ceramic implants , the IAOCI founder and president spoke about how he entered ceramic implant dentistry and how he approaches tita- nium versus ceramic and future challenges.
“The future of implantology— ceramics and biology” in Hamburg
On 22 and 23 June 2018 the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) is hosting its 4 th Annual Meeting in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany. Participants can anticipate seminars, live surgeries and an interesting presentation programme.
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